Whats up fishin geeks,

Another week of mixed conditions. On one hand we have had lots of wind, which isn’t the end of the world while inshore fishing but makes things a little tricky. On the other it has still been really good fishing in my area. For me, this week has been full of; casts that wonder like knuckle balls (it’s a thing trust), big D loops in your line as the wind pushes it out (missing strikes), fish being picky even though the setup was perfect (please stop running away from me). Even with all of this, if you stay diligent and keep working hard you shall find success.

In my area, this week started out with decent water clarity. I was able to sight fish a redfish on artificial. I have caught a lot of redfish in the past but this was the first time I spotted the school, made a perfect setup, and caught the fish. I was beyond pumped. The feeling you get after catching a big bull red is rad, but being able to see the fish and take your shot is a whole other ball game. I think I’m addicted and hopefully one day put the two together and sight fish a big ol red. I also hope the water clarity keeps holding up.

A couple of days later, I went back to the same area and the conditions changed up a little bit. There was a lot more wind, a bit murkier water, and me realizing even if you see the fish, it doesn’t mean they will eat your bait. I’ve always had it in my head that, if I could just see where the fish are, I could Ash Kethcum all. Maybe it’s because I’ve just started to work on my setups but I definitely miss 10x more fish than I catch and I spook even more. The video I have this week shows that the struggle is real. I missed three bigger fish before finally hooking up one nice 20 odd inch black drum (also a first for me). I’ve seen black drum in the past before but they never went for my artificial. This time, I was ready and hooked into a few nice drum while pitching around a fresh dead shrimp on various jigs. I started with a bucktail (crab pattern) that worked really well but the hook wasnt sharp enough, the same went for a pompano rig I had in the bag, finally it was a plain ol Mission Fishing jig head that did the trick for me. I definitely wanted to shout out the jig head because it wasn’t until the third missed fish that I checked the hooks and couldn’t believe how dull they were out of the packaged compared to the Mission Fishing ones.

All in all a trying week of fishing, but as long as you stay cool and make adjustments, your plan will pay off. For me it wasn’t the bigger black drum that I hooked into early but it was really rewarding to finally catch my first one in the end.

Spanky =)