Good day fellow fishing nerds,

The last couple of weeks have been pretty challenging with the wind. I personally don’t like dealing with it (who likes casting into the wind anyways) so ill run and hide to any spots that are leeward / blocking the wind. Which can really limit on where one can go. Luckily I found some spoil islands with tall mangroves to block out most of the wind and as an added bonus this wind protected flat had some cleaner water, so I was able to see everything that was going on.

Cruising down the mangrove line I immediately started to see trout and redfish slowly cruising for a meal. There were a lot of options for them around as the bait fish schooled up in this same area. I noticed on the north point of the island, pelicans were continuously diving down on some bait. This was the area the wind was pushing the water quickly past the point. I started focusing / making casts into the area where the calm water met the wind pushed current. This is where I found the most fish. Some predators were using the leeward calm water to stalk the bait getting pushed by the wind, others seemed to be coming into the area to get out of the wind. It was like a little redfish highway that day.

I ended up hooking up on two nice redfish and my personal best speckled trout (25 inches). I’ve caught multiple trout in the 20-22 inch range, and they are nice fish but it’s insane how much bigger a 25 inch trout is compared to those other trout. The head and body was at least 3x the size of the trout I’ve caught in the past. I feel really lucky and grateful to be able to catch a fish of this size and be able to let it go / kick off strong. All n all a solid day of fishing.

Until next time, tight lines!