With clear water and calm surf this week, the bite was red hot. After setting up right at sunrise Wednesday morning the bite started fast as the tide was making its way out and stayed on through till the middle of the high tide. A mixed bag was caught all day, from pompano, whiting to bluefish, blue runners, jacks and of course, sharks.

With the spring migration in full swing, the pompano are here in great numbers if your willing to put in the work to get on them and stay on the schools. I worked a large school that where close to 120 yards out for several hours, unfortunately, I was only able to get one keeper and 20+ shorts and several break off from the sharks.

All in all a great day with several large whiting coming home with me, and a few nice jacks. White crab Fish Bites, orange clam fish bites, orange fish gum tipped with peeled shrimp was the bait of choice and live medium sized sand fleas fished on a standard pompano rig with white, orange or purple pearlized beads produced best.

Right now the pompano can be found up and down the coastline of Central Florida. I’ve been finding great results North Ponce Inlet in terms of the number of keeper-sized fish.