bass fishing

I’ve been out of town (went to Colorado to take my granddaughter back home) and only fished a couple days this week. Last Friday we fished Stick Marsh and caught lots of quality fish. The biggest was 6lbs but we lost a huge fish on a Reaction Innovations Skinny Dipper (Sprayed Grass) weightless. My client thought she was hung up on a stump until it started swimming. She almost got it in the boat but the fish spit the hook.

This week we fished Headwaters and we threw mostly big baits and punched a little. The Mike Bucca Bullshad Wake was the bait of choice. Lots of short stokes but managed to catch some nice fish on the wake. We flipped for a couple hours and the bites were light but we did put a few in the boat. Black and blue creature baits in dirty water and watermelon candy in clean water was the deal.


Went over to Stick today and got some good fish dragging worms. We got most of the fish today on watermelon red speed worms and Junebug red Ole Monster worms. I had one break me off on the Monster worm which was disappointing but there will be more opportunities in the future. Jim had a big fish today with me on the watermelon red speed worm that weighed over 6lbs and was a super long fish just no belly. I went up in weight at stick marsh so my bait stayed down in the shells. I was using a 3/8 ounce weight and when the wind picked up I went to a half ounce.

Good luck this weekend!!! I’m out everyday next week so I’ll give you guys a better report.