Can’t always catch the big ones when the wind is blowing and the water is dirty but these guys from South Dakota got bent rods on a bunch of trout, jacks and small snook!

Another week of cold weather and water temps with southeast winds and some dirty water early on. The cold has the inshore bite slowed dramatically but there are some deeper pockets holding fish that will eat, as well as the shallow flats that warm in the afternoon!

Our best bite has been in the inlet, but its hit or miss in the daytime. The night time bite has been good and much more consistent. Live bait has been the key to success both day and night but the night time buck tail and plug fishermen have had some good success from the jetties on snook and redfish. Daytime bite from the jetty has been decent for black drum on live shrimp and sand fleas. The bluefish and mackerel bite has been a little off in the inlet the last few weeks but we hope it picks up soon.

A lot of boaters have been cast netting big white shrimp in the channel from Hirams down towards the five sister islands. A lot of work but they are big and they taste good!