Launched around 7:30am at the Sebastian River as I had a feeling my gheenoe wasn’t going to handle the wind. I rarely fish here as the tides and shallow water can be annoying when combined with the massive amount of oysterbeds. That being said, oysterbeds hold fish. Started with top water no live bait mullet, and I don’t think I got a single look. Switched to white Salt Strong 2.0 zman paddeltails on a grey jig head and immediately started catching undersize snook. The key was letting the bait drop at impact, steady non twitch retrieve. Knowing I was going where there where oysterbeds I picked up several dozen fiddler crabs. Once I switched and started working the docks, the bite was non stop. Reds, snook, sheep’s, drum, and our friend the catfish were all landed today. After several months off working the hurricane is Louisiana, it felt great to be back on the water. Keep slaying my friends.