spacefish snook

a super fat snook jumping with me rocking my spacefish shirt.

This week’s forecast was for rain and bad weather daily, but it turned out to be beautiful all week for the most part. I went out with mullet a few times and fished shorelines for snook and reds, but nothing seemed to want my bait. Out of one and a half days of fishing, my friend and I caught two slot snook — that’s a lot of time fishing in summer heat to only catch two fish! We were seeing a lot more snook that just wouldn’t bite. I also had a big redfish nose my bait for what felt like forever until it decided it wasn’t hungry and went back under the dock.

On Sunday, my dad and I woke up early and got white bait, which worked a lot better. In total, we caught four good snook (including the one in the action shot attached), one tarpon that ate about a foot away from a running trolling motor, and a nice trout. I have also heard that people are catching big snook on the beaches with basically any live bait that you can find, but we have tried a few times and haven’t had any success.