This week I have still been able to keep the topwater fishing action going. This time catching a 32 inch bull redfish on a Rapala Skitter Walk. I also had a few juvenile tarpon hit my topwater as well. I’m not sure if it is there mouth shape or what but I never seem to get them to hook up. They usually send the bait about 1 foot in the air trying to eat. This was my new personal best redfish on topwater / artificial. It was the first sign of the bull redfish that usually make their way into my area this time of year. If you happen to catch one of these beautiful fish just remember they are here to bread, so please catch them as quick as possible and take time to get a good revive on them. Looking forward to the mullet run creeping its way into our river system, and a good couple months of fishing. Stay tuned for more action soon =).