What’s up everybody,

I have to say this week was a first for me, several people have come up to me and said are you Spanky from Space Fish? We love your reports / videos. One reader was as far as California and said that he and his kids visit the area often. I have to say its pretty awesome meeting a lot of you and talking about fishing (which I could do all day haha). Also I started a new teaching position beachside which is a lot closer to where I live, so I’m hoping that will help me get out on the water more throughout the school year.

Anyways, This week I have stayed on that early morning topwater pattern and it has been paying off. From first light till around 8:30pm depending on the how clowdy it is, the top water bite has been solid around anywhere that has mangroves and bait fish. Whats nice about fishing first light is I’ve notice the fish are willing to come off their structure a little bit more which makes casting a lot easier than trying to land up in the mangroves. This trip I got into a couple solid trout and redfish. So far this summer I’ve caught 2- 25 inch trout and 1 – 23 inch trout on topwater, all are my biggest to date. Also in this video I caught a 26.5 inch redfish which was a half inch bigger than my 2nd place fish a couple months ago. If I could fish topwater all day I would but after the sun comes up, I’ve had to switch to sub surface or twitch baits in order to get strikes.

School starts next week but hoping to have some more reports for you soon!

Until next time,