dolphin mahi mahi

Saturday amongst the entire fleet of 300 some odd boaters (I’m exaggerating a little but you never know, all three lots were full) all venturing out on the calm seas forecast of 1′ or less we headed out to the cocoa pier for bait. I like to use croakers, whiting and/or weakfish for live baits so we caught a good dozen and a half and headed off to the kingfish grounds (Pelican). Did some trolling at Pelican with no luck. Saw plenty of commercial guys and a few charters with rods bent on some kings but headed out to the deep drop land since it was so nice.

On the way, as we hit 150′ we witnessed a sailfish screaming across the surface jumping what might have been 20 times in a row. Thought we would come back to 150′ and troll later. Arrived in 650′ and what a difference it makes in sea conditions when you enter the 300′ and deeper water. It was kicking up a little but manageable. Made a few drops and for the first time in along time didn’t manage to catch anything. So we headed back into the Copper wreck to take a look around. Dropped a live bait on the Copper and was immediately cut off, weight and all. Decided I wasn’t going to lose tackle to sharks so we started trolling back west. It was ‘fishy’ looking… you know that look. Color was right, temp was right, weed line and bits of trash all packed together nicely.

Five minutes later, drove past what looked like an old wooden spool you see contractors use for heavy cable just floating. Immediately I had schools of jacks, chubs, and triggers all around us… Sure enough, all the rods went screaming! Gaffed two Mahi into the box and started chunking ballyhoo to keep them in close. Pitched a chunk on a spinner out and we got the bull. While I’m not condoning trash in the water, I love seeing it in 300′ of water! Four Mahi total, the Bull was 25 lbs., and a nice rainbow runner at 10 lbs. Headed back in to 90′ to try for some triggers, mangroves or sea bass. Not even a bite. That thermocline is real! Leads were coming up ice cold, so we called it a day.