fat snook

This week, I went out of my comfort zone a little bit, throwing artificial instead of live bait and trying some new spots. I used soft plastics in the satellite canals, but wished I had some live bait because there were lots of floating snook that just wouldn’t eat. With the canals loaded with schools of big and small mullet that probably would have been the best bait. The only reason I didn’t cast net them is because I thought it would be fun to get one on artificial, and I’m going to keep trying.

There were still fish willing to eat my soft plastic — two redfish, a jack, and a ladyfish. All of the fish were sitting under mangroves and docks. The fish in the docks were eating very well if your bait is far enough back. The electric chicken color was working well, especially for redfish, so I stuck with that the whole day.

After that I went to try a couple spots south of where I usually fish in the Indian River with white bait. The biggest fish, being a gator trout and some big snook, were under docks. The mangroves held fish too — just a little smaller.

In all, I caught a 24 inch trout and lost a big snook and my dad caught a 20 inch trout and a under slot snook. We decided to return back to the canals where we knew there would be fish. There were still snook floating, but not as many which is probably because it was way later into the afternoon. Amazingly, my dad caught what we think was a fat snook which was definitely the coolest thing of the day.

This week’s weather looks slightly better than last week’s, so hopefully I can get out on the few days it’s not supposed to storm and catch some more fish.

Attached is a picture of the first fat snook I’ve ever seen in person.