huge bull redfish

Windy, windy, windy! It’s been an awfully breezy week here on the Space Coast, which means no offshore fishing! The inshore bite still remains to be nothing short of spectacular, though. This week the bull redfish seem to have really turned on with the water cleaning up, as well.

Fishing in the wind can be down right frustrating, but instead of letting it get you down and keeping you off the water, use it to your advantage! This week, I focused on windward banks tucking out of the wind or drifting flats with large points that the wind seems to be blowing around. The artificial bite on sea-trout and redfish have both been fantastic, with the key being the finger mullet pods! Look for the small finger mullet in large pods around any shoreline on the windward banks and get to casting. Blind casting these pods with gulp shrimp in pearl white on 1/8 oz mission Fishn jigheads and golden bream Mirrolure Lil Johns have been irresistible. Two sharp twitches and a short pause is the best way to work these baits — 99% of your bites will come on the fall. If you don’t want to battle the wind and drift fishing isn’t for you, then anchor, power pole, or stake out on wind blown points with the wind at your back, toss out some large cut baits and let the magic happen! Both these techniques have been producing amazing results and will continue to in the weeks to come.