After about 10 days of big tides, big waves, big wind, and weeds, things settled down nicely at the beginning of the week. I was unable to fish on Tuesday but found time to gather some fleas in the afternoon and conditions looked promising. I hit the sand as the sun was just starting to show itself on this partly cloudy morning. 8-10 mph winds out of the ESE made a pleasant morning with temperature in the high 70’s. I set my rod holders in the wash as I would be fishing a falling tide. Before I had my 3rd pole out, the first one I set was bouncing.

A nice whiting started my day. For the next couple hours the action was non-stop. Most of the action came from whiting. I did land 5 undersized pompano, several ladyfish and palometra, and only a few cats. I had a couple bite-offs, lost a few in the wash and released some small whiting. The waves were still rolling in at about 4 feet and there were enough weeds to be bothersome. The water was only slightly off color but seemed slightly warmer that just 2 weeks ago. I quit fishing a bit before 12:30 and gathered a couple of rakes full of the abundant sandfleas showing, to use over the next few days. Headed home with 43 whiting in the cooler for the day.