Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Conditions did not look great. The water was dirty and the weeds were very troublesome. The water temperature seemed just slightly cooler than a few days ago. I had sand fleas that were 4 days old but were still in good shape and recalled last year Thanksgiving week was the most productive week all year for me with Pompano. I fished the last 2 hours of the outgoing tide and the first 90 minutes of the incoming. Action was generally slow other than smallish catfish buried in each bundle of weeds that was retrieved on most casts, Tired of fighting the weeds and deciding I would wait a few more days before fishing the beach I dumped my bait. On the day, I kept 6 whiting, 1 pompano, and 1 sheepshead. 3 smaller whiting and an undersize drum were released, Several cat, sail cats, and a couple small jacks, rounded out the day.