This week was windy and not as warm as it is sometimes in May. Those winds kept us all off the Atlantic, but it didn’t stop me from fishing inshore.

The water remains super clear with bottom visibility of 5-7ft. Snook and black drum were on a majority of docks in the central IRL. There also were so unusually big reds in the mangroves. I’m used to reds in the mangroves ranging from rats to low end slots. There were some pushing 30 inches! Tarpon were also in a few locations, but they were not being aggressive.

Black drum and even the reds were into feeding on dead shrimp. I like to fish a medium spinning rod with a 2500 size reel and 10lb braid and 20lb leader, but up it to medium heavy with 20lb braid and 30lb leader if you get broke off. The reds seemed to be eating most things including artificial. Snook were hitting live mullet, mojarra, and pinfish this week. They were more aggressive last week though.

In the northern IRL and ML, the water clarity remains more mediocre. There have been some nice trout near mullet pods at sunrise, and a few reds in super shallow. The big bull reds seemed to have slowed this week too. Your best chance is to throw a big chunk of mullet or catfish in Haulover or under bridges and wait. You can get lucky on the flats too.