The winds have dominated my fishing on the Stickmarsh for most of this week. I did manage one day, though. I’m still concentrating on the south end of the farm side in 2-3 ft water depths. The water will take a few days of calming winds to give the sediment time to settle to the bottom, then all will be good for bites to resume.

There is one thing that really excites me this time of year, and that is the Bluegill will be in their spawning phase. Dust off your ultra light gear, or better yet, anything from a 3-5 wt. fly rod, and you will have a blast! Throwing conventional tackle Beetle Spins or small crankbaits like Yo Zuri’s Snap Bean will do the job.


We also are having our first Tropical system form off our coast as I’m writing this, so time will tell what this will bring to us. Stay safe, and as always, may all your fishing adventures be “Easy Days” for you.