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It’s all about “the Ride” with Falcon Boats’ dual hull catamarans!

Two Hulls Are Better than One

Have you heard the expression “two hulls are better than one?” If not, well, now you have. Catamarans, also referred to as CATs, are taking the fishing industry by storm. From the little ones used to fish backwater marshes to the great big ones designed to cover a lot of ocean quickly in a day, you can now find a CAT for just about any type of fishing you want to do. One might ask, why have they become so popular? Plain and simple, it’s “The Ride.”

No matter how you define “The Ride” – whether contemplating a metaphorical journey through this giant hamster wheel called life, or simply thinking about a drive down the road – the one thing nobody wants the ride to be is BUMPY! We all want a smooth ride, an easy trip, and Falcon Boats USA takes that to another level. As much as I hate to admit it, the older I get the more of a “fair weather” fisherman I’ve become. In years past I never minded taking a beating running offshore, but now in my late 40s, one of the first questions I ask is what the weather looks like. I think a lot of people can relate.

However, the truth is that some of the best fishing I’ve ever experienced was in sloppy sea conditions, so having a boat that can handle it and not beat you to death is a gamechanger. Hence, a Falcon Boats USA catamaran. I still prefer to avoid going out when it’s nasty, but if I get caught in bad weather it’s sure nice to know my CAT has the stability to keep me dry, and it’ll be a safe and comfortable ride home. It’s truly amazing to experience a safe and worry-free day out on the water regardless of the conditions.

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Multiple anglers can fish together in style and comfort aboard the Falcon 22.

The Company Behind the Boat

There’s a new CAT line on the market that’s the talk of the town. Falcon Boats USA, based in Titusville, launched a line of power catamarans in 2020 that offer a level of performance and versatility you don’t want to miss.

After founding Falcon Marine LLC in 2008 and spending a decade doing product development and manufacturing for other lines, Matt McDonald fulfilled a long-term ambition of producing his own line of power catamarans. He then teamed up with Ric Brehmer, founder of BaD Cat’s Mfg. Falcon Boats USA may be a new boat line, but it’s backed by many years of industry experience. Matt, Ric and others involved in the creation of Falcon Boats USA have collectively spent decades in vessel and product development, parts design and manufacturing, and even design, development, and sailing of world title-winning racing catamarans. Given the depth and breadth of their collective experience, only the name makes this line a newbie.

Falcon Boats USA has released the Falcon 22 Offshore CC (center console), and what a beautiful boat it is. This adds to their existing line of family-friendly fishing boats with offshore and nearshore models. They recognize that the purchase of a new boat is a substantial financial investment for most people, and it’s a decision that should benefit those who love to fish, and those who just love being out on the water. Falcon Boats USA offers their boats factory direct, allowing their sales team to provide a customized package that best fits each client’s desires at a very affordable price. This is NOT a cookie- cutter manufacturing assembly coming off the prodution line. No two Falcon CATs are exactly alike, because no two customers are exactly alike!

Falcon Boats USA follows a very hands-on, personalized process to construct each semi-custom build. Through this hands-on approach, Falcon employees get to know the customer they are building each boat for, so it isn’t just another generic boat build for them. Falcon Boats USA takes great pride in delivering one of the finest semi-custom catamarans delivered on a production schedule.

Falcon Boats

To test drive the best custom 22’ CAT on the market, call 321-503-5776.

What Makes Falcon Boats Special

  • Unique vertical step tunnel hull design by renowned multihull design team of Morrelli & Melvin Design & Engineering Inc. The innovative symmetrical full entry coupled with an asymmetrical running surface and exaggerated tunnel waddel provides an exceptionally smooth ride in rough conditions, prevents sneezing, minimizes tunnel slap and stuffing in large following seas. No other custom catamaran hull building on a production schedule incorporates this unique design!
  • While cats in general offer maximum deck space due to design allowing full width for the whole length of the boat, the Falcon F22 goes even farther with the addition of contoured rear seating design that provides even more walk around aft access than other boats in its class.
  • Full cockpit gunnel caps provide additional cockpit space and a toe kick for comfortable fishing at the rail and room for storage of gear such as rods, gaffs , boat hooks, etc.
  • Features and access are carefully thought out, from the largest fish boxes in its class (340 qt each side), to functional comfortable seating, built-in porta potti, useable fishing systems, and easy open access to all your electrical stytems and rigging.
  • The Falcon fully infused vacuum process and closed-mold-construction is throughout. This is opposite of the old-school antiquated hand-lamination that applies thick layers of sprayed on “chopper gun matting”, layers and layers of fiberglass cloth rolling in drums of resin, buckets of putty, glue, and foam filling gulleys and voids adding weight, and subject to air pockets, and delamination if improperly applied. The Falcon vacuum infusion process eliminates the error of air voids because the vacuum infusion distribues a uniform application that produces thousands of pounds evenly over the part. This creates a structurally stronger, much lighter, more reliable build throughout the hull, deck, and all the components for the completed vessel. Fibers are the strength of the boat and with infusion, these can be designed, loaded and verified to be correct prior to any resin being catalyzed. Unlike open-molding, infusion also makes sure any cores, inserts and such are fully wet out and excapsulated increasing the relible lifespan of your boat.
  • Infusion also provides the integrity for consistantly stronger, robust, lighter boats making for better fuel efficiency, and general handling, towing, etc.
  • Falcon uses no wood or other materials that can become water logged or rot, in the build of the vessel. No Wood, No Rot and No Putty, Foam, or Gluing to fill voids.
  • Highest quality of composites are incorporated in their inventory. Falcon does not skimp on materials, using premium marine gel coats, vinylester resins, stainless harware, and premium electrical componets such as tinned wire and cable made in the USA, Bocatech, Blue Seas, Simrad, Garmin, Lowrance, Furno, Ray Marine, and the finest marine stereo compnents available in the industry.
  • The design features of Falcon’s are composite molded and do not rely on cheap thermoformed drop in trays, inserts, or components. Quality and integrity of every compnent adds to the longevity of the entire vessel and the customers investment.
  • Falcon boats are available factory direct. This cuts out the middle-man and allows them to provide the best pricing for what you are purchasing. Dealing direct and maintaing that personal connection between the customer and and the factory rarely happens unless buying a yacht.

Learn More About Falcon CATs

So, where do you start if you would like to learn more about Falcon Marine and their Falcon 22’ Offshore or their semi-custom 22’ BaD Cat Inshore / Offshore? Start by scheduling a private demo and factory tour with anyone of our seasoned catamaran specialist. You will get to meet with Ric as he prides himself on working hand in hand with each client from the first initial inquiry to the final delivery of your new boat. They take great pride in delivering the absolute best from choosing custom features, choosing the perfect hull color combination, and right down to your personal layout, fitting it to your recreational lifestyle. Their Falcon Team is with you every step of the way.

falcon boats useIf you are interested in test driving one of the best custom 22’ CAT’s on the market give Falcon Marine a call DIRECT: 321-503-5776 or e-mail Ric@BadCatsMfg.com or Ric@FalconBoatsUSA.com.

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