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11.30.2021 – 12.6.2021


pompano time?

We’ve been hyping the coming pompano run for a while now, but with good conditions in line, THIS might just finally be the week surf anglers have been waiting for!

Low winds and generally good weather conditions this week should set up nicely just in time for the opening of flounder season (December 1st), and with any luck, the first major wave of the long-awaited winter pompano migration. Plus, don’t forget to signup for a chance to win a free pair of Costa’s — a winner will be drawn next week!

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WEATHER OVERVIEW: This week looks like it’s going to be a good one in terms of the weather. North winds throughout the week will keep our high temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s. After Tuesday, the wind will be low which will provide the good opportunities to both get offshore after some blue water species or to setup on the beach and hope the pompano start pumping!

Click here to check out the marine forecast from the National Weather Service.

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The month, Strike-Zone Fishing is giving away a free pair of Costa sunglasses, of the winner’s choice. The winner will be randomly drawn from all entries and announced on Tuesday, December 7th. The winner must pick out their pair of Costas, locally, at the Strike-Zone Fishing store in Melbourne.


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Fishing Reports

In every week’s Spacefish fishing forecast, we turn to both fishing pros and average joe’s for input on what’s happening in and around Brevard County’s many fisheries. Here’s what people are saying about the bite in the Space Coast this week. And don’t forget — anyone — including YOU, can contribute a report to the list below!

Cold Water Fishing
January 27, 2022

Cold Water Fishing

The river is cold! The water has been in the high 50s to low 60s, which means the fish are going to be lethargic and not very active. Shallow dark water areas will hold fish trying to warm themselves up.

The ocean has been slightly warmer than the river. Beaches will be good for anglers looking for pompano, bluefish, sharks and many other wintertime species.

by Capt. Greg Barrow
Rigg's Outpost | (321) 652-2580

Beating the Bushes
January 26, 2022

Beating the Bushes


Cold, wet, and windy pretty much sums up the last week and a half here on the Space Coast, leaving very few options to get out fishing. Fortunately, if you’re willing to brave the conditions, there are still a few options that are productive such as sheepshead fishing, and my favorite, beating the bushes!

When we experience cool events that are prolonged, such as the weather we’re experiencing lately, I turn to fishing the mangroves and deeper banks with coquina rock. These are several areas fish will congregate in large numbers and are usually pretty cooperative with the right bait and some patience.

When fishing the mangroves this time of year, my go to bait is a medium size dead shrimp. I personally avoid live baits that make a lot of movement as most the time I find the fish to be in a slow moving mode and aren’t up for much of a chase. A dead free line shrimp with a good bit of funk can produce some amazing results. It will get everything going, from black drum, sheepshead, speckled trout, and much more.

It’s important when fishing mangrove lines to pay really close attention. Try to pick an area that’s deeper, and usually with a muddy bottom. In my experience, these areas produce the best. Shallow areas may be productive mid day on a warm bright sunny day, but for the most part, these fish are going to be stuffed in small deep pockets up under the bushes. Don’t be surprised if you fish miles of shoreline to find the majority of your catch all in one small hole. W

inter can be a bit challenging, but with some perseverance and slowing way way down, you can have some incredible days!

by Capt. Alex Hughey
Coastal Fishing Expeditions | (321) 795-8566

Cold, a lot of wind, a few Pomps
January 25, 2022

Cold, a lot of wind, a few Pomps


Monday morning Jan 24, South Melbourne beach. Last day of a long weekend visit with a cousin from PA. Over the weekend was just too windy so we did not try. This morning he said I’m flying home today, let’s fish. I pointed out the temperature was below 50 and the wind was still a bit stiff. After some deliberation we hit the beach about 8:30am. a few frozen fleas, just 2 rods, and by 11:00 we were out of time. He had 2 decent pompano and 1 small whiting. Had time to prep the pomps for lunch before we head to the airport!

by Ghost

Let the Cold Winds Blow!
January 24, 2022

Let the Cold Winds Blow!

black drum

These winds bring us some really good fishing opportunities during our winter months. For instance, black drum become very active in the rivers and lagoons. These fish can range from just a pound or two to well over 30 pounds. Live shrimp, cut crab, cut clam, cut oyster, and clam or crab flavored Fishbites usually work when targeting these tough fish. Along the near-coastal waters the drum can be found in and around the surf break. These fish will be looking to feed on sand fleas most of the time, but if you find a school of giant drum they will hit artificial lures like cobia jigs and spoons.

These fish can get huge! The smaller fish run in the 35 to 50-pound class, and the larger ones can scale up into the 70-pound range. These are true trophy sized fish that will test not only your arms and back but your willpower too. We can often find these schools of big fish on calm days between cold fronts, the river and lagoon fish can be found on almost any given day. Speckled trout, small redfish, and a few other species will round out the list that our charter anglers will be landing this month and next. So don’t let the cooler weather fool you, there are options to help you get your rod bent even through our cooler months.

Give Captain Justin and myself a shout if you’re ready to get out there and have some fun. We can be reached at 321-505-8217 or by going to our website

by Capt. Jim Ross
Fine Line Fishing Charters | (321) 636-3728

3 Forks & Lagoon
January 24, 2022

3 Forks & Lagoon


Fished 3 Forks one day last week and the lake didn’t treat us very well for some fun. I did have an opportunity to fish the Lagoon with some old clients from my guiding days, though.

The father is now a full fledged Snowbird and has a boat. We had 62 degrees for water temperatures. When the waters get that cold I always look for areas in the river that have a southerly facing shoreline and deeper water nearby. Once the sun gets up and starts to warm up, these areas will be where the fish will move into as the muddy bottom will create warmth. We caught over 40 small trout in one spot and never moved from it. Trout will group up and lay on the bottom as most of them had small lice on their bellies to show it. We bent our barbs down to try to not harm them since we just wanted to have fun and bend the rods.

It was good to get back on the lagoon again, but sadly, all I have to say, as many of us know — the Good ole days probably will never be seen again.

by Terry Lamielle
| (321) 537-5346

Still Catching Through Cold & Wind
January 24, 2022

Still Catching Through Cold & Wind

sheeps on the reef

Fun time on the nearshore reef catching sheephead, snapper and margate for dinner!

Windy weather and cold temps will put a damper on the fishing if you’re looking for snook and other stealthy gamefish. But, there will still be plenty of other fish to catch during the cold fronts and heavy winds. The redfish were active last week on incoming on live bait. Outgoing tide was a little different with the bluefish smashing every bait. With the colder temps, things will change, but the action should be decent with school trout in deep water.

There’s plenty of bluefish, mackerel, jacks and ladyfish, along with some pompano, in the lagoon and along the beaches. If the seas allow, the nearshore reefs are holding plenty of sheephead and Margate as well as Lane and Mangrove Snapper.

by Capt. Glyn Austin
Going Coastal Charters | (321) 863-8085

Not Much to Brag About
January 24, 2022

Not Much to Brag About


Beggar’s can’t be Chooser’s when cold water arrives. JT caught this oversized pinfish as we targeted sheepshead.

Not much to brag about over the past week or so. Jacks and ladyfish have been the norm in much of the Indian River.

Recent cold fronts with air temps in the lower forty degree range have dropped our water temperatures enough to stall the bite, especially in the shallows.

A recent multi-boat charter found us with no real bite even after launching at 0900. As a group, we spread out in hopes of someone finding some action. The action did indeed become reality, eventually. By eleven O’clock the ladyfish, jacks and trout started chewing in deeper backwater bays in depths of three to four feet.

It appeared that the slowly rising water temp triggered the bite. Once the temp hit sixty-one degrees (up from fifty-nine) the action began and remained good until our charter time expired.

Zman Minnowz (three inch) on Headlockz jig-heads were all we needed to bend the rods! I’m certain the fish would have happily eaten similarly rigged EZ Shrimpz, but I found myself in need of restocking!

Other crews in shallow draft flats skiffs (I was in my 23 foot Bay Bolt) found and caught a few redfish in the skinny water as well as a couple of dandy trout. The sight-fishing crews did quite well!

As of this writing (it’s thirty-six degrees outside) I’m expecting another slowdown in fishing activities. If I’m forced to fish anytime soon I’ll be targeting areas near the Fort Pierce Inlet and concentrating on the second half of the incoming tides that bring relatively warm seawater into the lagoon!

by Capt. Mark Wright
Florida East Coast Fishing Adventures | (321) 302-3474

Consistency is the Word
January 24, 2022

Consistency is the Word


No need for superstition on the reef this week!

Consistency has been the word of the month so far. It’s consistently windy with a few calm days and the fishing has been banner on those days that we’ve been able to get out. Unfortunately, it’s a tough time of year to get offshore, but these lulls give us the opporunity to catch up on all the maintenance jobs that build up over time. Get on those boats and make them clean, pretty and safe again.

As far as fishing, the kings are still there and mixed in the pack is mahi and a few sails. Same places as usual — the reef and ledge is where we’ve been. If you can find the bunker, net them; if not, spin the frozen. They seem to be working just as good as live.

AJ’s are eating great as well. Live big bait works like a charm. Zach had a crushing this week as well as Tyler. Great job guys.


by Capt. Chris Cameron
Fired Up Charters | (407) 222-3573

Let the Games Begin
January 24, 2022

Let the Games Begin

surf pompano

Let the games begin as we’ve seen our pompano run reignite along with the other typical cast of characters. Bluefish, whiting, Jack crevalle and black drum are being caught surf fishing from Cocoa Beach down to south Melbourne Beach. This month continues to deliver consistent results when hitting the beach to soak baits. As is typical with any fishing, certain days produce more than others, but it’s been optimistic seeing a steady stream of our target species hitting the sand.

bluefish surf fishing

Without a doubt the bluefish has been the predatory fish that established its dominance in these winter months. No matter the day, we’ve seen these species frequently caught on our beach fishing charters. Throwing gotcha lures or spoons with a light to medium action spinning rod makes for an interactive experience while soaking pompano rigs. Our fishing clients have also been catching them on the pompano rigs mainly on the orange floats with sand fleas and Fishbites combination or rigged with small pieces of fresh chunked bait.


As mentioned before, the excitement of seeing a dependable pompano bite has brought smiles all round on our family fishing trips. Kids and parents alike jump for joy when landing these highly sought after species. With blitzing strikes and a continued tug of war to the shore it’s no wonder the feeling of catching pompano is intoxicating for all parties involved. The key this week has been to find the clear water with heavy runouts and use the combination of green crab flavored Fishbites and the white clam flavored along with fresh peeled shrimp or sand fleas. These surf fishing charters near Cocoa Beach and Melbourne Beach have produced multiple keeper pompano throughout the week.


Now for my personal favorite, the whiting bite continues to hold steady but hasn’t caught fire quite yet. I’m anticipating and expecting the whiting fishing from the beach to get hot and heavy very soon. With a series of cold fronts predicted the water temperatures should continue to drop spurring the run of bigger and more numerous whiting reaching our Space Coast region. The whiting currently are holding steady and multiple days were reaching double digits while fishing the Brevard County beaches, but it just hasn’t hit that extra gear yet.

Even with all the busyness taking place with our fish species we were still finding plenty of shark fishing success. Blacktips are the most common caught this time of year, and they are absolutely in full swing off of our coastal Florida waters. With their acrobatic leaps and blistering runs make sure to have tackle to match with heavy leader or steel wire. Live baits have been preferable this week for catching sharks off the beach, but fresh chunked bait still yields results. Hit the beach and surf fishing Florida no matter where you are as this time of year delivers thrills for all.

by Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters | (321) 205-4672

Sight Fishing Prime Time!
January 24, 2022

Sight Fishing Prime Time!


With the cool temps, this is prime time for sight fishing in the clear water. Look for schools of redfish and black drum working the lagoon flats. Live mullet or shrimp will get the job done. If you prefer artificial or fly, Z-Man paddle-tails and shrimp work well. Fly fishermen should try shrimp and crab flies.


by Capt. Mike Mann
Fat Fish Guide Service | (386) 295-5991

Contribute to the Nearshore Reef Project!
January 21, 2022

Contribute to the Nearshore Reef Project!

The FSFA sponsors and participates in the Space Coast Artificial Reef Advisory Board (SCARAB), where we come together with Brevard County, CFOA and CCA to create Artificial Reefs within our Club’s boundary waters. This year, the SCARAB has been able to create a Go Fund Me Page where each of you can help contribute to a Near Shore Reef project and your donation will be tax deductible. The funds will be used to pay for:

– Bottom survey of the area
– State and Federal permits
– Reef materials costs
– Reef site deployment costs

The best part about this near shore reef is the fact that it will be located inside of State waters. So when the elusive Red Snapper starts to populate the reef, you will be able to not only catch, but also keep them!

Please join with us today in donating to the Space Coast 2.5 Mile Reef. Click here to donate.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Florida Sport Fishing Association

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Check out what’s been caught on camera while fishing in around the Space Coast this week.

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Let’s Get Jiggy With It!

Ocean Obsession II is hosting a jigging specific trip on Monday, November 29th from 6am – 6pm. This is ONLY jigging — high speed vert, slow pitch, bottom bouncing, and top water, targeting depth starting at 180’ and maybe out to even 500’.

The cost is $200 and is limited to 26 people. All participants will get some swag from sponsors (AFTCO, Sea Falcon, Spro, and Gamakatsu) and the person who gets the heaviest keeper grouper, snapper or amberjack will win $250 to spend on AFTCO products at Sunrise Marina. Three meals are included (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Customers need to bring all their own rods/reels and tackle.

Book online at or call 321-453-3474.

jiggy with it


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