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7.27.2021 – 8.2.2021


spiny lobster mini season

Chris with a couple nice bugs from last lobster season in Key Largo.

The 2 day recreational mini spiny lobster season, which falls on the last consecutive Wednesday and Thursday of each July, is THIS week. If you’re planning on getting in on the bug collecting bonanza, odds are, you’re already heading southbound on I-95. If not, you’ve got plenty of company with the rest of us that are stewing in envy of our keys-bound friends…

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WEATHER OVERVIEW: This week is shaping up to be another good one in terms of the weather and right on time for lobster mini-season! Hot days with low winds out of the S is what’s on the docket this week. The wind actually looks to be up a little on Tuesday but Wednesday through the weekend should be nice. Keep in mind with our true summertime weather patterns the lightest winds are typically in the morning before the sea breeze kicks up so a good strategy is to try and get out early if possible to take advantage of the lower wind and hopefully avoid the afternoon thunderstorms this time of year.

Click here to check out the marine forecast from the National Weather Service.

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Fishing Reports

In every week’s Spacefish fishing forecast, we turn to both fishing pros and average joe’s for input on what’s happening in and around Brevard County’s many fisheries. Here’s what people are saying about the bite in the Space Coast this week. And don’t forget — anyone — including YOU, can contribute a report to the list below!

Topwater Speckled Trout & Getting Trolled by a Dolphin
September 18, 2021

Topwater Speckled Trout & Getting Trolled by a Dolphin

Interesting fishing trip this week. I’ve still been sticking to my topwater rotation of lures. The bite as slowed down compared to a month or two ago but I’m still able to consistently catch fish. This week I caught a couple of nice speckled trout on a Yozuri hydro pencil. It was a black top and mullet silver on the sides. Usually birds are smart enough to ignore my topwater lures but this lure was picked up twice by ospreys. Luckily they drop it once they figured out somethings not right. I also got completely trolled by a dolphin who was bummed I didn’t give him the fish I caught. You can see in the video he just shoots by the boat purposely scaring up everything and then leaves as fast as possible. The next morning I took my buddy Andrew out to the same area. He has never caught a fish on topwater before, it was slow again but he ended up getting on a nice 21 inch speckled trout. All n all a solid outing.

Catch ya next time,

Strong Bite in Mosquito Lagoon
September 17, 2021

Strong Bite in Mosquito Lagoon

mosquito lagoon trout

The bite continues to stay strong throughout the Mosquito Lagoon. We still have a steady flow of bait on the flats and the fish can still be found holding around it. Live bait and artificials have both been working well. Top waters early, then moving to soft plastics and spoons later in the day. We have a good number of mullet around so try and match the mullet color pattern on your artificials for best results. The “go to” live baits have been finger mullet, shrimp or pin fish.

With the opening of snook season this month they have been beat on pretty hard, but can still be found if you put your time in. The redfish and trout have been hanging in the shallows and moving to deeper water later in the day.

Looks like the weather will be stable into next week which makes for a good time to get out and fish!

by Capt. Patrick Rood
Spot N Tail Charters | (386) 566-1394

Get Pumped for Fall Surf Fishing!
September 14, 2021

Get Pumped for Fall Surf Fishing!

shark fishing on the beach

Fall is upon us and what an exciting time it is for surf fishing anglers on the Space Coast. The annual fall mullet run will be ignited into another dimension with the baitfish pouring down our coastline. Mix this annual occurrence with a change in the weather and water temps and look for a dynamic fishery over this fall period. Snook, tarpon, flounder, jack crevalle, bluefish, sharks and much more compete for the available resources. Many days can turn into an all out feeding frenzy with shark and fish species hurling through the air leaving the water’s surface boiling with action.

snook surf fishing

Look for snook fishing to reign supreme as the top topic of discussion during the mullet run. This time of year has always been a favorite for most as the ease of access and productive opportunities go hand in hand. Simply grab a spinning rod rigged with 20-40lb braided line accompanied by a swim bait, diving plug, or top water action and walk the shores casting and retrieving in the various pockets of concentrated baitfish. This opportunistic approach results in the full gamut of species to ensure no stone goes unturned. Matching the hatch of the size of baitfish also brings another level of success so always be keen to adjust lure size for those reasons.

kids surf fishing

Snook fishing won’t be the only fishery firing off with the change in the weather. Tarpon and sharks will be hammering the migrating baitfish pods and the multiple fish species that coincide with this natural event. With the bluefish and Jack crevalle becoming so concentrated on these bait pods, the shark and tarpon lie beneath pouncing the entirety of the water column to capitalize. Generally, the larger of the tarpon and sharks will be just outside the surf casters range but this mullet run phenomenon provide just the opportunity one needs to bring them into the first and second trough making these species accessible for live bait casters or artificial lures.


Not to be outdone by the headliner species of snook, tarpon and sharks, but the whiting, pompano, Jack crevalle and bluefish make for a perfect family fun fishing trip. Highly active and engaging for all ages this time of year makes a rod bending seem like a breeze. Fish species ranging in all sizes will be abound with this flood of food charging down the waters edge. Look for sand fleas, fresh shrimp and clams rigged on a pompano rig tipped with Fishbites to keep the volume coming. This time of year the first large schools of pompano began to show from the north escaping the cooling waters and wintering to the south. All in all for surf fishing anglers this seasonal event feels like Christmas comes early, so get out and take advantage of this transitional and rich fishery over the course of the period.

kids fishing

by Capt. Lukas Brickweg
Cocoa Beach Surf Fishing Charters | (321) 205-4672

Drum Spawn
September 14, 2021

Drum Spawn

inshore redfish

September and October on the Space Coast are a magical time. Fall is always great fishing and these few months are famous for our drum spawn.

This time of year the redfish and black drum group up in large numbers and start their spawn. Typically, this is when we see the largest numbers of breeder fish which are anywhere from 15-30 pounds or more. These fish are extremely important to our lagoon system and this is what has made our lagoons world famous. When seeking out these schools, look for deeper bars, deeper shorelines and sharp drop-offs, or even bridge pilings. Fortunately, these fish aren’t too picky. Large gold spoons, soft plastic jigs and swimbaits are just a few “go to” baits, in addition to large mullet and blue crabs, for those who would rather use live bait.

I strongly recommend using lures without treble hooks, and circle hooks for bait methods, and to handle these beauties with much care — try to use wet hands, hold horizontally for photos and get the fish back in the water ASAP! The better we take care of these fish the more we will have for the years to come!

by Capt. Alex Hughey
Coastal Fishing Expeditions | (321) 795-8566

Decent Week Out of the Port
September 13, 2021

Decent Week Out of the Port


Honestly not a bad week for offshore fishing out of the Port. I’d rate it a 8/10. Customers were very happy — and that’s all we want!

All the usual spots were producing on the troll. The most active bite varied from Pelican one day to the reef the next day. Bottom fishing was all on 27, which is a bit far to travel, but productive nonetheless. The deep wrecks have been either empty or sharked up bad.

bottom fishing

Capt. Tyler did very well bottom fishing this week with some impressive catches. Meanwhile, Capt. Morgan had a very nice few troll days with a few stud kings. Capt. Zach once again caught a very respectable wahoo. Joe limited daily on the kings and piles of cobia. As an owner I can not ask for more than that. Everyone tried their best and it showed.

Good luck and see you out there.

by Capt. Chris Cameron
Fired Up Charters | (407) 222-3573

Fellsmere Bass Fishing
September 13, 2021

Fellsmere Bass Fishing

fellsmere bass fishing

The best time for bass fishing right now is early to mid morning and the evening. Both times are really productive. The Bass Assassin Die Dapper, RSB worm (Junebug Red) and the Zman Poppin Shadz are the baits working best for us right now. Remember, you can find all your freshwater tackle needs at Fellsmere Outdoor Adventures.

fellsmere bass fishing

by Kenny Hass
Catchin' Bass Guide Service | (772) 494-7400

Larry Offers New Inshore Opportunities
September 13, 2021

Larry Offers New Inshore Opportunities

jim red

This week’s report is going to be a little different than our last few. We’ve been spending more time in the lagoons with the heightened swell from hurricane Larry over the past week. This allowed us to fish some of the places that we hadn’t in a while and explore some of the shorelines that we usually find trout, redfish and snook holding on at this time of the year. Redfish in particular are starting to show up in much better numbers along many of the shorelines where mangroves are the predominant feature. Top water plugs like the Rapala Skitterwalk or Storm Chug Bug and Saltwater Assassin 5 inch jerk baits in the new watermelon slice or mullet color patterns are working extremely well on these fish.

One interesting thing to note is that many of the redfish are first year class and measure 10 to 12 inches in length. This is a good sign that our lagoon system may be getting slightly healthier because we have not seen this first year class of fish in a while now. Hopefully we will continue to see juveniles roaming the shorelines feeding on shrimp, mud minnows, finger mullet, glass minnows and various other bait fish letting us know that the lagoon is starting its recovery process from the devastation of lawn fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and septic intrusion that we have put it through over the past two decades.

Along the beach the snook bite is still strong. The mullet run is going to make that bite even better over the upcoming weeks. If you’ve never fished the mullet run you have no idea what you’re missing. Give us a call and we can take you out to show you this exciting time of the year where your next cast may get you a 12 inch trout or a 120 pound Tarpon, you just never know. To catch your next Memory call us at 321-636-3728 or go to our website and book your fishing trip with us on our interactive real time reservation system.

by Capt. Jim Ross
Fine Line Fishing Charters | (321) 636-3728

Slow Bass Fishing
September 13, 2021

Slow Bass Fishing

bass report

Last week was slower than slow for my two days on the water. We fished one day at Headwaters and one day at 3 Forks. Headwaters was extremely slow with only 6 fish caught. Two out of the six were decently sized at 5 and 6 pounds. The next day we went to 3 Forks and got a BIG goose egg. This area has always produced bites in the past but not this day.

I hope this week will be better.

by Terry Lamielle
| (321) 537-5346

Reds, Tarpon, Snapper…
September 13, 2021

Reds, Tarpon, Snapper…

bull redfish inlet

The bull Reds have moved into the inlet and have been eating either large select shrimp and croakers or finger mullet on the bottom. Tarpon have been very thick on the beach, weather permitting, and will eat properly placed large mullet or croaker. In the river the jacks, tarpon, snook, and snapper have been very aggressive around structures such as docks and bridges.


by Capt. Mike Mann
Fat Fish Guide Service | (386) 295-5991

Tampa bay September report
September 13, 2021

Tampa bay September report


The mangrove snapper bite has been hot on the bay with beefy mangroves up to 21″ on most trips. Come get on some of the action with me or Capt Gavin. 865-363-1388 /813-418-0225.

by Fshngguy969
Fishin Magician Inshore Charters | (865) 363-1388

Port Canaveral September Forecast
September 11, 2021

Port Canaveral September Forecast

snapper grouper


Nearshore we had decent shark fishing and tarpon fishing. Out on the reef we had solid days of live bait trolling for king mackerel and almost every trip we would catch the occasional cobia, mahi or blackfin tuna. The mangrove snapper bite was inconsistent and when we did find them up in the water column they did not give us long before they would get spooky. Overall, we had an easy Summertime grind that yielded some great catches and put smiles on customers faces.

Port Canaveral monthly fishing forecast


I personally am hoping for an extended summer but at some point our luck will run out and we will endure some affects from tropical storm activity on our coast. Once the big swell roll in our live bait will totally disappear, our tarpon will bounce out and our water clarity will go to garbage. This is not all bad because after that happens and the water settles, we will have transformed into a different fishery. Live shrimp and light tackle will produce good action from sheepshead, black drum, snook, margates, flounder, mangrove snapper, jack crevalle and lady fish inside the port and around the jetties. Shark fishing will be hit and miss but toward the latter part of the month we will welcome the big bull red drum that always make for fun fights and great pictures.


Normally September ranks in the top 2 worst months to fish in our area but, we might get lucky and hold onto that summertime calm seas and fishing while reaping the couple bonuses that come with September. As long as we hold on to calm seas, we will continue to have phenomenal live bait trolling for king mackerel and all the other species that get caught in the mix such as cobia and mahi to name a couple.

The problem with September is at some point we get shaken by a hurricane or tropical storm that brings huge swell. The first day or two we get back out after this happens it can be banner mahi fishing and even banner cobia fishing depending on what depth we find a hard edge, or it can be a pure mud puddle everywhere and we can’t catch anything. It is one or the other and no in between. It’s either banner fishing or it sucks! A few days later as the water starts to blend, we will rely heavily on amber jack fishing & vermillion snapper fishing. Vermilions will stack on big structure to spawn so they make for easy pickings and great table fare as long as the current isn’t too strong to fish for them.

This September we might keep all the action from live bait trolling and have great deep-water fishing for amber jack, vermillion snapper and that occasional grouper. Yellowfin tuna fishing should remain solid if we keep the calm seas to cover some water.

Lets all hope for a extended summer and that just might give us a September to remember.

by Capt. Greg Rapp
Sea Leveler Sport Fishing Charters | (321) 794-3474

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August 7-14th, Dustin and Sawyer’s Non Native Knockout is a free, virtual, tournament with cash and prizes for top 3 adults and top 3 kids. Indian River and Brevard counties only. Data goes to help FWC biologist get information they have never retrieved from our area.

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