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Talking a little business and some tournament fishing with JMAK Roofing INC.

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It’s Tournament Season on the Space Coast! We’ve got some local staples coming up on the calendar, including the Central Florida Shootout, FSFA Offshore Slam, and CFOA Offshore Tournament, among others. So, we’re sitting down for some tourney talk with some of our favorite local proprietors, Jon and Makenzie Wescott, owners of JMAK Roofing, to ask them some questions about their business, and also, their involvement in the ongoing fishing tournament season.

Based in Merritt Island, JMAK Roofing opened for business in July of 2018. With about thirty employees, they have maintained the same crews since its inception, and continue to be a growing force in the local roofing and contracting industry. Here’s some insight into their business, services, and background, straight from the proprietors.

What inspired you to start your own business?
Well, I just wanted to do better for my family. We had our first child and that was the push. Once I had a kid, I had a different responsibility and nothing was going to stand in my way. I figured out how to make it happen and then shortly after we had twin girls so that’s been my motivation. Also, knowing the industry, what’s right and what’s wrong and having the integrity and honesty to point out your own mistakes if you make one.

Do you feel that’s what makes your business unique?
Absolutely, honesty, integrity and knowledge. As you can see we have our entire team together doing training in the office today to keep everyone informed and up to date on any new trends within our industry. Being on top of the latest and greatest gives our team the knowledge to provide sound advice to our customers. The bottom line is our team is our family — we want all of our team to want to work here. We’ve had the same crews since we started which says a lot. Training our superintendents to walk each roof like I would, as if JMAK were their own company is incredibly important.

Tell us about your business, including the type or products or services you offer?
It was a family business, my dad did remodeling when I was a kid then somehow got into roofing as well. I worked for him and a few other roofing companies along the way just learning the business and that’s what led to me starting JMAk Roofing. We are a full service roofing company which means we specialize in replacing or repairing roofs of any type. Our team will perform a full evaluation to see if a new roof is needed or just a few minor repairs are required. We have recently expanded into solar as well. We have financing plans for the different solar packages available. Once approved for a solar package, we can include a new roof with the package with great financing terms, 25 years at a 1.49% interest rate. In addition, we offer HVAC services for cooling & heating too. We have a great HVAC team with top of the line installers. Roofing is our bread & butter but our HVAC and solar is doing well.

Can you describe your customers?
Our customers are awesome! Many of our customers call us knowing our reputation for quality and honesty. A lot of our new clients come to us through existing customer referrals which is a testament to our existing customers. What our customers appreciate is we go in, do our job and make sure our customers are happy before we leave. Our customers vary, they might work at the Space Center or be business owners themselves. They hear our name in the community and know they are going to receive good service and a great product. We do a lot of work for local realtors, too; like Blue Marlin Real Estate, Keller Williams, Re/Max, etc. Also, local property management companies like BP Davis, Showcase and MRS property management as well. That’s been a winning formula for us and our customers.

What has been your biggest success to date?
I’d have to say having the business. The JMAK name, having a good name. I’m working 24/7 to accomplish that. Also, I try to spend as much time with the kids as possible so being a successful Dad is very important to me. Having a successful business which allows me to be a good dad is a true blessing.

What has been your biggest challenge?
Probably the weather. Mother Nature is our biggest fear. Storms happening like hurricanes and hail storms, it’s horrible for the community but we are here to help. When we have jobs in progress and these weather events happen, it’s by far scariest thing to deal with. However, we try to prevent getting caught in those situations. We pay close attention to the radar being in this business. Also, lack of materials in this current economy has been a challenge too.

JMAK roofing

Spending quality time together on the water is a huge part of life for the Westcott family.

Tourney Talk

Alright, let’s talk tourneys! What tournaments are you participating in this year?
Oh, yeah! The Central Florida Shootout, FSFA Offshore Slam, the Meat Mayhem out of Fort Pierce… Almost any tournament that comes close to our area we try to fish.

How have you faired in past tournaments?
We won first place with a wahoo in the Central Florida Shootout one year. We also caught a big 15lb tripletail off the weather buoy one year that won us some money, too.

Got any advice for other tournament competitors?
Wake up, check Spacefish, see what the reports are, and go out and hope for the best.

Why do you support our local fishing tournaments? 
To be involved. Many people do not realize the work it takes behind the scenes to put on a local tournament so we want to support them by giving back and participating. Putting our names out there and letting customers know we are giving back and involved in the hobbies we enjoy. We try and be involved with as many of the local fishing tournaments as we can.

What other organizations and causes do you support?
There are a lot of things we support. Locally, there’s schools, like Merritt Island football, Cocoa High School, and Rockledge Raiders. We also support the Merritt Island Little League, the annual boat parade, and a lot of the local golf tournaments. As far as bigger causes, we donate to organizations that fight sex trafficking oversees and also do everything we can to support Alzheimer’s research. The list is long, we certainly believe in giving back.

Jon and Makenzie, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. When the time comes for a new roof, repair, or remodel, you will certainly be hearing from us again!

The Truth is in the Roof!

When you’re in need of a new roof, a home remodel, or other new construction project, JMAK Roofing, Inc. is the team for you! They have the skills and expertise to handle any project, regardless of size. Call JMAK at (321) 759-5625 for a free estimate!