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Why Get A Marine Survey?

Is there any better feeling than loading up your boat and cruising to your favorite fishing destination? Whether it be heading for the blue water offshore or riding down the intercostal waterway with the wind in your hair and sun on your face, it’s just a feeling of freedom and excitement. On the other hand, how about cruising to your favorite fishing hole while your motor shuts down or alarms start going off that send you into a scramble to figure out what the problem is? The realization that your fishing trip has probably been cut short due to boat issues is the WORST. All too many boat owners can attest to that first hand — been there, done that, it stinks!

A boat is a large financial commitment for many reasons. It’s not just the fact that, typically, a boat in most cases is a large purchase. When thinking about other large purchases such as a house or vehicle, there are steps you take to ensure that each items has been thoroughly checked out and that there are no major issues. With a home purchase for instance, you will pay for an independent home inspection. Why? Because if there are major issues with the property you can opt out of the sale. Similarly with a vehicle, you want to see the Carfax report, make sure the vehicle hasn’t been in any accidents, and how many owners it’s had. So why would you not take the same precautions when purchasing a boat? Good question! The answer is, you absolutely should get a Pre-Purchase Survey.

Get Surveyed with Miley Marine

Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting, based in Central Florida, is one of the premier Maine Surveying companies around. With two generations of surveyors, Miley Marine Surveying brings decades of experience to the table. After spending many years on the seas and seeing firsthand what fails, breaks or corrodes, they have the inside edge on properly surveying vessels. This lifetime of hands on experience is combined with a formal education concerning hull construction, propulsion, boat systems, legalities and what to look for in a good survey which produces an effective all-around surveyor.

You will find Miley Marine Surveying to be your “Common Sense Surveyors.” Most importantly, every survey is done with the thought: “Would I let my family go to sea in this vessel?” Miley Marine Surveying uses a survey report format which meets or exceeds the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors suggested format and that is widely accepted by insurance companies and lending institutions. Every vessel is inspected to standards as set forth by the American Boat & Yacht Council, the United States Coast Guard, and the National Fire Prevention Association. They are a professional full-time marine surveying company that takes tremendous pride in their work and understands their clients safety comes first above all else.

When you are purchasing your next vessel be sure to protect yourself and your investment with a marine survey from Miley Marine Surveying & Consulting. Call (877) 897-4180 to arrange for your vessel to be surveyed, or learn more at