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Got a tooth problem? Jasin Youmans DMD is the man to see!

“My tooth hurts,” are the exact words I said to my wife regarding what I knew was an old cavity that I had ignored for far too long.

“Well, go see the dentist,” she said.

Oh, such a bold statement because let’s face it, going to the dentist is typically something most people avoid as long as possible. I know I did until recently. I think part of the problem was I didn’t know anyone I trusted that I felt would do a good job. If I was going to choose a dentist it really was a shot it the dark, just picking someone randomly.

I say this all the time but one of the cool things about Spacefish is it allows me the opportunity to participate in things I truly have a passion for. One such event is the Central Florida Shootout fishing tournament which comes around each May. Shawn, who owns Strike Zone Fishing in Melbourne coordinates this tournament each year and I am happy to say, I have been there with him from beginning volunteering in some form or fashion. Over the past eight years, I have met a number of other people that share the same passion for fishing and tournament competition. One of these people happens to be my dentist, Dr. Jasin Youmans.

Jasin is a Brevard County resident who grew up in Merritt Island. As a kid, he played youth football and baseball. His father was a big influence on him and helped coach many of his teams. As he grew up, he lettered in both sports while attending Melbourne Central Catholic High School.

Jasin is also a passionate angler. I asked him what his first memories are of him fishing and he explains, “It would be under the 528 causeway fishing with my dad. Just using cut bait and catching catfish and sailors choice.”

Since this time, Jasin’s passion for other forms of fishing has expanded over the years. He explained that if he gets to choose what he wants to target on any given day, bottom fishing for grouper and snapper is at the top of the list. Also, right there with them is chasing yellowfin tuna on the other side of the Gulf Stream. Like I said, we share many of the same passions for fishing.

Sometimes life can take funny turns, Jasin originally wanted to be a marine biologist but realized early on that this profession was not all about playing with sharks and dolphins liked he hoped but a lot of grunt work that just didn’t appeal to him. He decided to switch gears and focus his attention on the medical field. After multiple conversations with doctors and dentists he decided that the dental field was the right fit for him. Jasin completed his under grad at Jacksonville University before spending four years at Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine where he graduated in 2004. While attending Nova, he met his lovely wife Jamie. They have been married 14 years. She regularly encourages Jasin to make time to get out of the office and enjoy the things he loves like hunting and fishing.

After graduating, he spent some time working in Naples but his heart kept calling him home to Brevard County. He moved home in 2007 but worked in Vero Beach for several years before opening his own practice here locally. I asked him what he likes most about dentistry and he explains, “You meet people from all walks of life and it seems like there is something new every day.”

In any profession, I put integrity at the top of my list when making a decision to work with someone. Jasin embodies this and he will tell you honestly what you need or don’t need. It may not always be what you want to hear but you can take comfort in knowing he is providing you with the best advice when it comes to you and your overall dental health. For me, when I now visit my dentist, I know the first 15 minutes will be catching up on fishing stories and having some good laughs and it is very comforting knowing he has my best interest at heart. If you are looking for a local dentist that is honest, trustworthy, very good at his profession and just so happens he loves to fish, you need to schedule a time to see Dr. Jasin Youmans. You will be happy you did.

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