2 weeks ago, 3 MILES NORTH OF SEBASTIAN INLET was just plain silliness. So many strikes on topwater plugs, a few tail slaps, hits and misses, landed a couple of blues. Didn't catch as much as were interested in playing, but it was a blast.
Today was just plain boring. Heavy fog would leave the beach then come back in 30 minutes later. Breakers were much further out than normal, just huge. I between waves was relatively calm waters.
Plenty of fishermen, 1 guy caught a couple flounder, 1 couple who brought in 3 nice blues on cut finger mullet. I saw nobody else catching anything. Just when peak was over I hooked up this nice blue 20 feet from shore. When the Lord made him, he forgot to put in the quit. He just wasn't all too keen on being taken. Catch and release.