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I'm Kurt Boyken from Merritt Island. I'm 18 and I've been fishing since 2010. I fish inshore near my home on the Indian River Lagoon. I catch black and red drum, trout, tarpon, and a few small snook. When weather permits, I will fish out of Port Canaveral for the many various species caught nearshore and offshore. My very favorite is big tarpon.

    Port Canaveral Offshore: Slower Week

    February 9, 2019

    I got to see an incredible sight last Wednesday. There were hundreds of bottlenose dolphin offshore they were jumping and playing right by the boat!
    Fishing was tougher and slower than normal. The water temperature was in the low 60s all the way to well past 100 ft. There were not even threadfins on the buoys. Somewhere around 125 ft we hit blue, 70-73 degree water. There was a lot of life but there were not any pelagic fish excluding baby bonito and a few barracuda.

      Tons of Black Drum in the IRL

      January 14, 2019

      Reds up to 27 and black drum up to 36 inches are on the flats on the eastern shoreline Indian River Lagoon near North Merritt Island. I was using live and frozen shrimp. Target the reds around mid-day on flats near the mangroves. Look for tails in 2-3 ft of water after 4:30 PM until last light. Water cleared up nicely after the front with 3-5 ft of vertical visibility.

        Reds Inshore and Sharks Nearshore

        January 7, 2019

        The water remains brown from Port St John and North Merritt Island southward, but it seems to be cool and breezy enough to keep dissolved oxygen levels sufficient so far. Therefore, redfish have still been caught along the eastern shoreline and in canals using live shrimp and soft plastics. 20-40lb black drum are starting to show in the North Merritt Island area, but were not eating as of Sunday 1/6. The lagoon looks much healthier in the area east of Titusville (still nothing like a decade ago).

          Happy New Year!

          December 31, 2018

          King mackerel have been caught on offshore reefs in 60-90 ft of water with various techniques. Sometimes live bait is a must, and other times everything works. The fish have been down further than usual at times. Bottom fishing has been producing mostly red snapper, but there have been legal snappers and triggerfish in the mix. Grouper season is closed until the beginning of May.

            Big Kings on 8A

            December 18, 2018

            We limited out on kings using frozen cigar minnows just above the bottom on 8A within 2 hours of arrival. We lost a fish and had a few more bites. Our fish were in the 10 pound range for the first hour, but within 30 minutes we started getting some smokers.

              A lot of Action Across the Region

              December 10, 2018

              There were big schools of 3-4 inch pogies all over the bight and port. At the north jetty, there were a lot of undersized snook eating the pogies. Because of the small baits, I was using a medium-heavy shimano rod, 40 lb leader and a 2/0 circle hook. I’d use a bigger hook with bigger baits and consider heavier leader. There have been a few sheepshead already, and I expect them to become abundant soon. Use a small hook and live fiddler crab or shrimp inside the port.

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