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I'm Kurt Boyken from Merritt Island. I'm 18 and I've been fishing since 2010. I fish for reds, trout, tarpon, snook, and black drum off my jon boat, kayak, and dock. I'll also fish nearshore and offshore out of Port Canaveral when I can. Fishing is a large portion of my life. You can find me on YouTube at 321BigFish.

    A lot of Action Across the Region

    December 10, 2018

    There were big schools of 3-4 inch pogies all over the bight and port. At the north jetty, there were a lot of undersized snook eating the pogies. Because of the small baits, I was using a medium-heavy shimano rod, 40 lb leader and a 2/0 circle hook. I’d use a bigger hook with bigger baits and consider heavier leader. There have been a few sheepshead already, and I expect them to become abundant soon. Use a small hook and live fiddler crab or shrimp inside the port.

      Late Season Tarpon Run

      November 12, 2018

      Because the nearshore water temperature is still above 80, there has been an unusually late abundance of tarpon north of Port Canaveral along the beach. Look for jumping hornbellies (actually a great tarpon bait) or silver mullet schools and the tarpon are often in the area.

        Good Action Despite Red Tide

        October 22, 2018

        Red tide got as far north as Port Canaveral Friday before the wind shift. Unfortunately, as of Monday it’s been reported again in the southern part of the county. It hasn’t made it’s way into Brevard’s lagoons yet either. The water has been slightly cleaner in the North IRL with a few big reds in the Titusville area. Black drum have been not eating, but at least I’m seeing a lot of them.

          Big Reds Active Inshore, but Bad Weather through Thursday

          October 9, 2018

          There have been a lot of big reds on the eastern shoreline North Indian River Lagoon between North Merritt Island and east of Titusville. The fish have been scattered in the North Merritt Island area and blind fishing chunks in 2-4 ft deep has been the best bet. I have seen some tailers that wouldn’t eat a thing or spook. The water has been murky NASA Causeway southward.

            Bull Redfish Schools; How to.

            October 1, 2018

            Schools of 20-40 pound reds are starting their annual spawn inshore. The Lagoon System is one of the very few places in the world where large redfish spawn inshore instead of in open Atlantic and Gulf waters. There have been a few reports of a big school in the area since the beginning of September, and this should last through much of October. Depending on the weather, they may stick around through November.

              A few Bull Reds in the IRL

              September 10, 2018

              Big reds are starting to show up in parts of the north IRL. I got a stray blind fishing a mullet chunk. There was a school of 50-125 on Tuesday. I threw a chunk well in front of them, and that worked too. I got completely skunked the next day. This was in the Indian River Lagoon near North Merritt Island. If you are going to blind fish chunks, make them big enough that the catfish can’t easily eat it.

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