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I'm Kurt Boyken from Merritt Island. I'm 18 and I've been fishing since 2010. I used to fish inshore near my home on the Indian River Lagoon. I used to catch black and red drum, trout, tarpon, and a few small snook. When weather permits, I will fish out of Port Canaveral for the many various species caught nearshore and offshore. My very favorite is big tarpon.

    Limited on Red Snapper as Expected

    July 16, 2019

    Catching our red snapper was not a problem and we got some big mangrove snapper in the mix. We struck out on tarpon off the beach Wednesday but that was a good thing because we changed our tactic for red snapper completely. Nearshore tarpon fishing still will be good anytime the water is above 76 or so. Nothing major is happening with cobia, but be ready while snapper fishing.

      Don’t go +25 Miles Offshore

      July 2, 2019

      We got nearshore on Friday out of Port Canaveral and the slow trolling didn’t disappoint. We initially were going to tarpon fish, but the offshore storm seemed too threatening to go +20 miles south where I think they’re at. We tried up by the Tip and it was dead. Green water and zero bait. There was a ridiculous amount of lightning at 7 AM only 10 miles offshore. We were able to sabiki up plenty of threadfins and blue runners. As we were getting bait, the wind picked up to 20kt in association with the storm. We started slow trolling in only 45ft as the waves were building us and the storm was restricting us on where we could fish.

        Tarpon and Snook in the Lagoon

        June 24, 2019

        There has been plenty of snook and tarpon around this week in most of all three lagoons. Due to seasonably hot temperatures it’s best 5:30-8 AM and again after the storms till 9 PM. No sooner than 5 PM if there hasn’t been any storms. I avoided the morning due to the full moon this past week, but it’s probably the best bet now. They will always hit a live mullet or small pogy, you just have to figure out what they’re eating. Both mullet around 6 inches and pogies around 3 inches have been easy to cast net. Leave your 12ft Tim Wade or other expensive net behind because there’s too many snags and catfish. I use a 6ft Walmart net and I can throw much further which is important.

          Plenty of Fish and Blue Water Shallower

          May 19, 2019

          It’s starting to get really good offshore with blue water in only 60-70ft. We got out Tuesday despite breezy west winds and storms south of the port. There were not any pogies off the beach, but we did see a few tarpon while trying. Unfortunately, the weather forced us further north and way shallower than where I think would have been the best bet. We still managed to get a few snake kings and the usual red snapper in 100ft. What you didn’t get to see was a mangrove and a big lane snapper.

            An Unusual Offshore Opportunity

            May 9, 2019

            We went out Monday with a plan to catch grouper and (sorta) got it done. Our initial plan was to drop croakers on 27 Fathom for grouper and squid or sardines for smaller fish. The plan was foiled by red snapper, so we trolled for two hours and got one short mahi. There was only 1.5 mph of current over the Cones, and we got a porgy, snowy grouper, and a blackfin on the bottom! We would’ve stayed longer, but storms were popping up so we headed in.

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