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I'm Kurt Boyken from Merritt Island. I'm 18 and I've been fishing since 2010. I used to fish inshore near my home on the Indian River Lagoon. I used to catch black and red drum, trout, tarpon, and a few small snook. When weather permits, I will fish out of Port Canaveral for the many various species caught nearshore and offshore. My very favorite is big tarpon.

    Plenty of Fish and Blue Water Shallower

    May 19, 2019

    It’s starting to get really good offshore with blue water in only 60-70ft. We got out Tuesday despite breezy west winds and storms south of the port. There were not any pogies off the beach, but we did see a few tarpon while trying. Unfortunately, the weather forced us further north and way shallower than where I think would have been the best bet. We still managed to get a few snake kings and the usual red snapper in 100ft. What you didn’t get to see was a mangrove and a big lane snapper.

      An Unusual Offshore Opportunity

      May 9, 2019

      We went out Monday with a plan to catch grouper and (sorta) got it done. Our initial plan was to drop croakers on 27 Fathom for grouper and squid or sardines for smaller fish. The plan was foiled by red snapper, so we trolled for two hours and got one short mahi. There was only 1.5 mph of current over the Cones, and we got a porgy, snowy grouper, and a blackfin on the bottom! We would’ve stayed longer, but storms were popping up so we headed in.

        Variety of Opportunity Offshore and Inshore

        April 26, 2019

        There’s never any consistency to mahi fishing. The gulf stream moves up to 6 mph. We were greeted with westerly winds and 2-3ft seas Monday morning. At around 200ft, the water turned from a 70° green to a 75° blue in about a mile. However, this temperature difference caused a moderate northerly wind in the stream. This collision with the current coming from the south caused a 3-4ft chop. We put out our spread of chin weighted ballyhoos with small skirts and started trolling.

          The Bite is Changing Daily, but I haven’t Been Skunked all Week!

          April 14, 2019

          Mahi-mahi have been hit or miss this week. We got one peanut and trolled five hours. Because of how migratory mahi are and the fact that the Gulf Stream flows 4-5mph, the fishing changes daily. Trolling skirts and ballyhoo will catch them if they’re around. After an epic kingfish bite on March 25, we tried Pelican Flats again. There were red snapper and a few smoker kings up top, but they were very hard to get past the sandbar and hammerhead sharks.

            Monster Fish Close to Shore

            March 18, 2019

            We were going to tripletail fish out of Port Canaveral Saturday, but there were two or three boats on almost ever buoy by 7:00AM. There was a huge school of black drum off the beach. They would occasionally hit a shrimp. That meant using a smaller hook that could straighten. They turned off and went down by 8:30AM. This school of fish probably moved south with the cooler weather. If spotted, use medium to heavy spinning gear with large shrimp or crab. Sometimes, they will eat a cobia jig if you rip it through them out of defense.

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