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    Disgusting Water and Tarpon

    September 6, 2020

    Unfortunately, the algal bloom has gotten even worse now. You can’t even see two inches down, and it has the look of green slime. It also has spread much further now. It made its way north from the Railroad Bridge all the way to the very north end of the river and into most of the Mosquito Lagoon almost all the way to Ponce Inlet. It spread much further south in the Indian River and now is impacting most places almost all the way to Sebastian Inlet.

      Mullet Run Starting

      September 2, 2020

      The mullet run is here in parts of the Indian River Lagoon system in full swing, but what’s weird is they pop up in random areas at random times before disappearing into the ugly pea soup water we have. I have no clue where they are going at certain times, but I would think if they were down they’d spook leaving sediment or a swirl.

        Indian River Lagoon System and Forecast

        July 26, 2020

        Steady east and southeast breezes turned my focus to the lagoon system where I caught some nice fish, but it was not easy. The water level is still high, but brown tide blooms have unfortunately come back strong with the rain and heat. The upper Indian River is in worse shape in general than the Banana River, south Brevard, and the Mosquito Lagoon right now. That said, most of those areas are still not great; you can see bottom in 1-2ft for the most part with a few spots much better.\

          Tarpon Time

          June 28, 2020

          The fishing has improved again after a not so great week. Tarpon are showing up thick in all sizes all over the lagoon system. The bite is best early morning and slowing down towards noon, but they can be caught all day and night. Juvenile tarpon ranging from 1 to 40 pounds are in pretty much every creek or canal on the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon as well as some of them in the Banana River and Sykes Creek.

            When Everything Aligns Perfectly

            June 15, 2020

            Earlier this week, the mahi run happened. Multiple well organized weedlines developed from 140ft out to the edge of the Gulf Stream in 250ft. It was flat calm with nice blue water, and there were a ton of mahi. You could see them jumping on the weedlines. There were a lot of peanuts. We caught the majority trolling, but they swam up to the boat a couple times in groups of 2-8 fish usually. That’s where it becomes important to have light spinning rods ready to pitch.

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