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I am new to the salt water fishing in the lagoon. So I am trying learn all I can!

    Sebastian River

    April 14, 2019

    So we went to Sebastian river before the rains came, we didn’t get out early though. On the water about 10:00. We went south out of the park on Roseland rd. Once again I didn’t do to well, a few lady fish. Wife caught two nice Reds, one was really nice about 3-4lbs. I was on my way to get a picture and she had it slip out of her hands 😯.

      Eau Gallie

      April 11, 2019

      We went out to EGR today, beautiful day to be on the water. I personally didn’t do so hot, four hard heads, one large sailcat that put up a great fight, and a lady fish.

      The better half was the one catching everything today 🤷🏼‍♂️ She caught snapper, something else I can’t remember, and a nice jack. She got everything on shrimp and I got the cats on shrimp also. I was throwing light and dark paddle tails and only had a couple of short strikes. We didn’t see any Tarpon around.


        April 5, 2019

        We took the kaykas to Wabasso yesterday and the wife caught her first Black Drum! We started out around the mangroves but with no success with shrimp and a few different paddle tails and plugs we switched up and headed to deeper water around the crab traps. We hooked up with a few nice trout and a small pompano. The wind picked up so we headed back to the mangroves to escape the wind and got a few snapper and this nice Black Drum. All and all turned out to be a nice day.

          Spoil Islands

          March 8, 2019

          Went out and fished a couple of the islands around Grant today. We got on the water about 7:30 and used a few different top waters and didn’t get any takers. We changed up to Z-man silver split tail and I hooked up with five Trout all about 15” and one about 18”. The bite turned off around 10:30. Threw a gold spoon but still nothing. We got a snapper later on a live shrimp around the docks. Good day except for the wife getting hung up in the Mangroves a couple of times.

            Indian River

            March 4, 2019

            Fished around the Islands out of Grant on Friday. My wife was using live shrimp with no results I tried z-man paddle tails and a jig and had a few short strikers on the z-man. Switched to a gold spoon and that was the ticket. Three lady fish, one king mackerel am pretty sure. The best fish of the day was a really nice trout about 22” from the west side of the island!


              February 6, 2019

              Went to Melbourne Beach yesterday , we caught a few whiting, one nice fat black drum and a small black tip. We were using frozen sand flees (yuck) and fish bites. The shark took the […]

                Melbourne Beach

                January 21, 2019

                I went to Melbourne Beach for some surf fishing today, and I was the only one there. It didn’t take long to figure out why. It was way too rough. I couldn’t keep a tight line and ended up leaving after just four or five casts. Looking forward to the next time out!
                Good luck everyone.

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