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    Bait Pods Running the Beach

    August 22, 2022

    Still dealing with some weeds in the area, but the large bait pods have started running up the beach and along with the bait pods have come the tarpon large schools of 100 pound class fish, large jacks, and the sharks. The large predator fish are not the only things running right now, the resident pompano have been coming in great numbers to the north end of the county along with good numbers of whiting. With fresh dead shrimp and live sand fleas being the bait of choice. Finding the deeper holes and guts past the sandbars will provide great success.

      Another Tough Week in the Surf

      July 18, 2022

      This week has been a tough one for the surf fishing, with the storms popping up and the hard running current. The guys fishing the deep cuts between the sandbars with fresh shrimp, live sand fleas, fish gum and fish bites have been producing a few nice whiting, croakers, and of course, catfish. The bait pods have started running the beach now also and it is only a matter of time for the big tarpon and redfish to show with them.

        Find the Right Spot in the Surf

        June 20, 2022

        The weather has started to heat up and water temperatures are on the rise. The best times for the surf has been early morning to mid afternoon and then again late afternoon to the evening and after dark. The pompano bite has been hot early with several limits coming in if you’re willing to work at it. Be willing to make a move, and read the beach and the surf to find that perfect spot and make super long casts. Bait of choice has been fresh shrimp, live sand fleas, small crabs, along with fish bites and fish gum on standard pompano rigs with small pearlized beads.

          Summer Time Pattern Starting on the Beach

          April 18, 2022

          The full moon is passing and the summer time pattern is starting. We are still lucky to have the lower water temperatures in the area still but the bite has been early morning up until around 11am and then again in the afternoon close to sunset. In most areas along Central Florida’s coast, we have been dealing with stronger current, but 4 and 5oz weights have been holding.

            Good Fishing on the Beach

            April 4, 2022

            With the surf calming down, and the water temperature and color becoming perfect, the bite from Brevard to Flagler County has been hot. With whiting, pompano, bluefish and sharks being the hot bite. Whiting and pompano been coming on fresh clams, shrimp, crab knuckles and fish bites. Unlike most spring runs where the pompano are in close to the beach most have come from far over 100 yard cast have been producing the larger of the fish.

              Pompano Out Far

              January 17, 2022

              The cold weather will get the pompano on the move! Right now, the main body is along the coastline of Volusia County with the best catches coming off the hard beach area south of the inlet. However, as these cold fronts move through the area and drop the water temperatures, the body of pompano will start moving south into the Cocoa Beach/Melbourne area.

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