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Caleb is the creator of Riggs by Couture and a professional surf fishing guide at Tradewinds Surf Fishing Charters. To book a surf fishing charter, call (321) 271-1061.

    Push it to the LIMIT

    February 11, 2019

    I was running and working on the boat yesterday, but the crew held down the beach in my absence. All three anglers hit the pompano limit in the Melbourne Beach surf using Fishbites and blanched sand fleas on Pompano Riggs by Couture! I expect the pompano bite to continue to be hot well into April, so get to the beach!

      Pompano Surf Fishing Derby

      February 5, 2019

      With surf fishing weather finally making its way around last week, I was able to hook up on a few fish but had to battle out the wind, rain and cold! We should have improving conditions as we move into the early week. Wind starts back up this weekend, then should get good again early next week! Anglers are still catching Pompano, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, croakers, red fish and Big Black drum from the surf! Most species are being caught on live or blanched sand fleas as well as clam and shrimp! We will continue to catch Pompano off our beaches well into late April.

        In A Pinch for Surf Bait? Try Crabs.

        January 21, 2019

        As the coldest weather of the year approaches, you can bet it’ll bring GREAT fishing for the beaches along the Space Coast! Pompano season has been awesome this year, and we should continue to catch these fish well into late April. So don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to go out and try and catch these wave runners from the surf before they head further south or into the intercostal for late summer months.

          ‘Tis the Season… for Pompano!

          December 3, 2018

          As the weather and water starts to cool down with passing fronts, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get out to the beach and catch some of these wave runners! The best days to go target pompano on the Space Coast is two days before and 1-2 days after the fronts! I’m frequently asked, “what’s the best tide, Caleb?” My answer is… simply in your time at your beach and find out for yourself. Camp out all day make yourself comfortable and, most importantly… Take notes!

            Patiently Waiting for Pomps…

            November 27, 2018

            We’re still patiently waiting for the big migrating pompano schools to stark working there way down to the Space Coast, but with the coming fronts, anglers are still catching some keeper Pompano daily, as well as whiting, black drum and redfish! Most fish are being caught on fish bites, live and blanched fleas, and clam. The best bite has been best at first light and in the evening a couple hours before tidal change.

              They’re HERE!

              October 29, 2018

              Pompano have finally started to show up along our space coast! As we begin to come into fall/winter you can expect the pompano bite to only get better! Make sure to have an assortment of live and artificial baits on you at all times. I am always sure to never leave the house without my Fishbites! On those days when you can’t find any fleas and the tackle shop is sold out, these are your best bet! Heck, most of the time they out fish the real thing!

                Big Opportunities in the Surf

                September 18, 2018

                Hurricane Florence bore down on the east coast last week and we can still feel lingering effects of high swells to Space Coast’s beaches. Most surf fisherman have been forced to resort to the Cape Jetty or Sebastain Inlet to catch that slot snook! As for me, I rarely take part in that fiasco and would rather take the time to get ready for the coming fall mullet run and Pompano season! Let’s just cross our fingers in hopes that these forming weather patterns don’t ruin it for us this year…

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