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Treasure Coast Marina is a full service facility in Grant, Florida, at Marker #35 on the ICW and just 4.5 miles north of Sebastian Inlet. By car it is conveniently situated on US Hwy #1, twelve miles south of Melbourne, located between the two county boat ramps of South Brevard County.

    Live Bait Alternatives for Good Fishing

    April 23, 2019

    We’ve seen a good run up to the coming week in spite of that extremely bright full moon. The fish have been feeding all night, leaving them sleepy in the morning, but if you wait until the afternoon, the bite has been good from about 3-4pm on. Windy and stormy weather last week made it difficult for the bait boats to get out so it has been challenging to provide live baits at the shop.

      Fishing Is Getting Better

      April 15, 2019

      Fishing has really improved this past week and it looks like this should continue into next week. The jetties are on fire with big snook and reds everywhere. From Grant to Wabasso, slot trout and red fish abound along the west shore docks and any structure you can find. They seem to only interested in live shrimp right now. Heading north from Grant, we hear that there are triple tail around that last island in the chain. There’s also some pompano in the mix, and again, live bait is the way to go.

        Mojarra Madness

        April 8, 2019

        Between talk with some of our local captains and word from our repeat customers, the fishing has been pretty rock solid in the lagoon from Grant to Sebastian. We sold a boat load of shrimp and pinfish this week, which is a pretty reliable indicator that these baits are producing well. At the Inlet, it’s all about the Mojarra. They call these bait fish “snook candy” for good reason, but right now, they are also proving to be a “fin” favorite of the bruiser redfish in and around the Inlet. Come by and stock up on bait, you never know what surprises await you on the water — for instance, just this week, a cobia was caught INSIDE the Inlet!

          Hell AND High Water

          April 1, 2019

          If there was ever a “week from hell” this week was it! We were warned of impending bad weather. We prepared for it. It turned out to be a mini hurricane! Waves in our part of the lagoon were 2-3’ with the occasional 5’ on Wednesday. It blew for two days with 50+ gusts. Early in the week there were some decent catches of mostly trout and a few pompano, but by Tuesday the bite in our neighborhood had basically shut down.

            Treasure Coast Report

            March 18, 2019

            Hello from Treasure Coast Marina! This week was a mixed bag of weather conditions that impacted the fishing. Overall, though, it was decent. The surf report from my friend’s back yard just north of the inlet showed pompano and whiting strong. A few stray blue fish have been in that group as well.

              Busy and Active Week

              March 11, 2019

              It’s been a very busy and active week here at Treasure Coast Marina. Fishing has really picked up and we are glad to hear of good catches. There’s been an unusually abundant number of pompano in the river and there’s whispers of triple tail down toward the inlet but nobody will be specific as to where!

                Slow Bite for Treasure Coast

                February 25, 2019

                Well some weeks are magic and some weeks are tragic. This was a tragic one. Everything just shut down as soon as the full moon was at peak. The bite was off until late afternoon, and in some cases not even then. I heard stories of crystal clear water where you could see the fish, and thunking them on the head with the bait. No response. It seems water temperature fluctuation also is playing a part.

                  Treasure Coast Report

                  February 18, 2019

                  This week on the Treasure Coast, the strong inshore bite is still going on with flounder as they move away from the inlet and onto the flats. As typical, mud minnows are the bait of choice right now for these flat boys. Meanwhile, trout had been a bit scarce in recent weeks, but they are starting to wake up. Some anglers are swearing that big shrimp are the ticket to elicit a strike, but others are paying hand-picked prices for the smallest available shrimp. They tell us that a little shrimp on a smaller gold hook seem to be irresistible to the trout right now. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with a well placed live shrimp.

                    Treasure Coast Marina Joins the Party!

                    February 9, 2019

                    Treasure Coast Marina is pleased to join the impressive list of contributors to Spacefish! We will provide the best information available for central and south Brevard County as shared with us from the expert anglers and guides who come to us with their stories. Many of these people are career anglers with decades of experience fishing the Indian River Lagoon, its tributaries and Sebastian Inlet.

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