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Capt. Jim is a professional saltwater fishing guide based out of Rockledge, Florida.

    Tug of War Time

    August 2, 2022

    It’s time to play tug of war with the beach donkeys! Cold water upwellings this week are moving fish all around the Space Coast near shore waters. Shark, Jack, tarpon, kingfish and Cobia are all possible catches for anglers right now. I’ve been slow trolling with live pogies to get these various fish to eat.

      Catching A Variety Nearshore

      July 25, 2022

      It’s been another great week of catching a variety of species including tarpon, sharks, Jack, and king mackerel in the near coastal waters outside Port Canaveral. Live bait have been the best way to get all of these species to bite. I’ve primarily been using pogies, pilchards, and croakers on a 7/0 VMC circle hook to get these fish to bite

        Silver Kings in the Lagoon

        July 11, 2022

        Full-sized tarpon have invaded our local lagoon waters over the past few weeks. Look for these fish rolling on the surface gulping air or crashing schools of pilchards and mullet near dredge holes and bridge pilings. Free-line a live mullet, pilchard, pogie, or ladyfish in the area where this action is taking place and you should get a reaction from the tarpon fairly quickly.

          Really Good Snook Action

          June 27, 2022

          The snook action is really good this week. Lots of 20 to 28-inch fish are holding under mangrove roots and docks throughout the Indian and Banana Rivers. Live shrimp, fingerling mullet, silver perch, or croakers will get them to strike. Look for areas with clean water along the shoreline, then find the baitfish and you should find snook.

            Good King Mack Action

            June 6, 2022

            King mackerel action is good on the reefs and wrecks in the 60 to 90-foot zones. Live pogies slow trolled on a wire stinger rig are the best way to get these fish to bite. The waters on these reefs aren’t the cleanest right now because of the tropical depression that went through over the weekend, so a brightly colored kingfish duster will usually help you get more bites.

              Snook, Tarpon, Jack, Kings, Sharks…

              May 16, 2022

              The snook bite is pretty good at the inlets this week. Live pogies, pilchards, greenies and majorra are the top live baits to try for them. Along the beaches, shark, tarpon, jack and king mackerel are striking slow trolled live baits. For the tarpon and jack, 60 to 80 pound test leaders and a VMC 7/0 circle hook work best. For the kings and sharks you will need to add a short piece of wire to this rig.

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