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I am a student who loves to play basketball, tennis, and especially fish. Between school and sports I only get out once or twice a week, but I still manage to find fish.

    Summer Bite Seems to be Coming!

    May 24, 2020

    This week, the canals around Satellite were hopping with big snook and juvenile tarpon eager for live bait. I caught two tarpon and had a lower slot snook come out of nowhere and eat my mullet while an overslot snook was licking its lips for my bait. Early in the morning, before sunrise, I attempted fishing at a marina. With many snook hitting, one after another, I only got one mid-twenties to the boat. Another one which got off on structure felt a bit bigger. Later in the day I moved on to the flats and did good there too. My dad got a solid trout and another mid-twenty inch snook ate my white bait and almost got me stuck in the mangroves.

      Slow Bites

      May 17, 2020

      Due to online school, I didn’t get out too much this week but I still found some fish. Catching them is the problem. My dad and I were out from 4am until 12 on sunday and had four big snook on but nothing to the boat. They seemed to love the greenbacks and threadfins. The canals around satellite started producing some nice reds and trout all on shrimp. There were also some snook under docks which were picky and didn’t seem like they wanted to eat. Hopefully once online school is over and summer is here I’ll be able to get out more.

        My Biggest Tarpon!!!

        May 10, 2020

        We are seeing lots of slot and overslot snook and redfish in the Indian River. These fish are still very hard to get to eat. We found a school of a lot of medium sized tarpon and I managed to get my biggest fish ever to the boat. There are giant schools of big jack which are fun if you are just looking for something to pull hard on the line. The Grand Canal has tons of mullet and cownose rays but nothing biting for us. Hopefully some rain will change that. Attached is a picture of my biggest ever tarpon.

          Lots of Fish, Almost No Bites.

          May 3, 2020

          The bite around Satellite has been a little slow, so this weekend we went to some new spots we have been looking at on the map. Sykes Creek was disappointingly murky and didn’t have much besides some small tarpon. We found much clearer water in the Indian River where there were impressively big snook and reds including one school of very large redfish. Those bigger fish didn’t want our bait, though.

            Nice Fish on the Flats.

            April 19, 2020

            So this week my dad and I went to try the flats around Satellite. We found a lot of good fish that are willing to eat if you stay quiet. We used small mullet and most of the fish had no problem attempting to eat them. When a fish seems to be giving half effort on your bait, try cutting the tail off. It worked for me with a little red.

              Snook Bite is ON!

              March 23, 2020

              Thanks to Spring break I’ve gotten out every day this week and caught fish every day! I’m still just fishing the canals around Satellite where the snook bite has been great. Earlier this week we couldn’t catch anything but redfish but now it’s nice snook with a few big trout here and there. White bait is working well if you can find it, but shrimp, mullet and mohorra have worked well too.

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