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    Greener Grass on the Otherside

    February 18, 2019

    We had several days of calm seas this past week and some of the guys with bigger boats ventured to the Otherside to look for yellowfin tuna. They did pretty well for themselves, to say the least. Adrian Martinez of Handler Fishing Supply in Merritt Island and some friends were among those with really impressive hauls. Nice job, guys!

      Rigging Up for the Flounder Run

      December 3, 2018

      For the past few weeks we have written about cooler weather and the migratory species that it brings to our coast. The talk has been largely about pompano and bluefish, which are popular targets in the surf this time of year; but, there’s more yet coming to be excited about this season, such as one of my personal favorite species: flounder.

        Satellite Beach Surf Fishing Slam!

        November 12, 2018

        My brother Darren was in town this past week so we decided to hit the surf here in Satellite Beach for some late afternoon fishing. My youngest son Dylan joined us as well. He is a fishing fool and I love every minute of it! I have noticed mornings and evenings seem to be the most productive time lately. We only had a couple of hours of daylight to work with. Before going, we visited Man Overboard Bait & Tackle to pick up some live sand fleas. We had a nice collection of baits with us which consisted of Native Salt Clams, frozen shrimp, Fishbites and live fleas. For tackle we were using a Pompano Rigg’s by Couture set up with white floats and a 4 ounce pyramid sinker.

          Mathers Mullet Run

          August 27, 2018

          Dan and his son, Cooper, has a pretty good day fishing in the lagoon around the Mathers Bridge area. Dan reported, “In the morning, the mullet were running hard and we were seeing huge tarpon everywhere! Our tally for the day included two big trout along with lots of small ones. Two huge ladyfish, and we also hooked up on two tarpon but didn’t land them. Coop left his bail open and didn’t realize he had a tarpon on until he saw the line tearing out. Closed the bail but it came off 50 yards away and gone! That’s fishing!”

            Shootout Grand Prize Winner

            May 20, 2019

            Congratulations to Fadi Kanazeh! His grand prize boat raffle ticket was drawn at the 2019 Central Florida Shootout Awards Party held at Grills Riverside! Fadi was present at the event and took home a BRAND NEW Nautic Star 215XTS from Boaters Exchange powered by a Yamaha 150 4 stroke motor. The boat also included a jack plate, custom powder coated t-top from BT’s Welding, Power-Pole Total Boat Control, and many other features.

              Fishing Buddies

              April 29, 2019

              Wayne, Steve, Chris, Kurt and Bridget, aka Team FSFA, run to the 120 Buoy and had a great day offshore. These anglers all met through their membership in the Florida Sport Fishing Association and are yet another great example of why this club is such an awesome organization to be a part of. Come check out the FSFA at our bi-monthly meetings, and don’t forget about the club’s 51st Annual Offshore Tournament coming up June!

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