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    Grouper in the Sebastian River

    September 14, 2019

    With water being dirty and roughed up, try fishing the marker buoys in the ICW in Sebastian. There’s lots of fish on the channel markers. You may have to catch some oyster crackers or mother-in-laws, but you catch a 10lb grouper and they will kick your butt! Use the same tackle for offshore groupers and 50lb line and leader. Mullet chunks will work, and so will cigar minnows. I like using 7/0 hooks down to 5/0 with the weight depending on the current.

      Red Snapper Opening Night

      July 12, 2019

      At the opening of red snapper season at midnight last night, I went offshore to test out the bite. At 90 ft we found the best action on frozen cigar minnows, but grunt plugs worked good, too. We had to release 15 red snapper before catching one over 15 pounds. Our biggest was 25 pounds. Keeping one per person doesn’t sound all that appealing, but this fish sure put a smile on my face in the early AM!

        More Anglers on Wabasso Bridge

        February 22, 2019

        Everyday while going to work I’ve been noticing more and more fishermen on the Wabasso Bridge. Since the catwalks are no longer in use, the only option is to fish off the bridge. It seems like a lot of anglers are using docs jigs in pink and silver because when the current is flushing in or out, the greenies and menhaden are getting picked off by trout, jacks and mackerel. Live shrimp works, too. Try using the small shrimp and 1/16 oz jigs in silver and light green to “match the hatch” of the bait that’s currently present.

          fins fan13

          January 25, 2019

          once again hearing great catches of pompano on the beach by the sebastian inlet useing sandfleas if you can get them or the gulp version .i am sure you catching whiteing there too.

            Beach Unfishable

            December 2, 2018

            Today, big winds made the beach un-fishable. I tried fishing a couple of docks in the Sebastian area, and found the water to be dirty with a west wind. I finally went to the Wabasso Bridge park and was able to catch some pinfish and puffers. Some other anglers were having success catching small trout on red and white 1/8 and 1/16 oz jigs.

              Sebastian Flounder

              November 20, 2018

              Over the past weekend the cool front turned on the flounder at the tide pool at the north jetty at Sebastian inlet. Using finger-sized mullet or live shrimp on 1/8 to 1/16 jig head, just drag your bait slow and hang on! The bigger flounder should come in with a couple of cold fronts. Fish the tide pool early and the north jetty half way out on the beach side.

                Blowin’ Wind, Dirty Water

                October 22, 2018

                On Sunday, I went to the dock where I love to do some fishing. The wind was blowing in nasty, green water. I did get to plenty of schools of finger mullet, but there didn’t seem to be anything chasing them. I ended up moving on to the Wabasso Causeway and caught some croakers and pigfish. Hopefully, the cooler weather will bring some rain and flush that red tide away so we can can enjoy some fishing.

                  Sebastian River Area

                  October 15, 2018

                  Water in the Sebastian River is still dirty. There’s a lot of catfish, glass minnows, pinfish and some croakers, ranging from around 8″ – 12,” but no sign of mullet around. We’re still waiting on cool air and water to push the trout and pompano to the Wabasso Causeway. And to all the people affected by Hurricane Micheal — we all have your backs, hang in there, it will get better!

                    Big Croakers in the River

                    October 8, 2018

                    On Sunday afternoon, I got setup with my fishing pole at my favorite dock on the lagoon. I started off with a shrimp on a 1/8″ jig head. This produced some BIG croakers of +10″! Of course, there were a couple of catfish mixed in, along with some pigs and pins. I saw (and have been seeing) plenty of glass minnows, but no mullet schools yet. Still, the bait was there, which tells me I was at least fishing in the right spot.

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