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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    16 Footers at the Buoy

    August 3, 2020

    All in all it was another very good week. We got into some big kings up to 40lbs on the local reefs using live bunker. We also had a very good showing of cobia. No, they were not on the shoals, but were just free swimming on the reefs. We had a steady pick on the sails as well. The tropical storm had 16 footers at the bouy, so lets see what happens this week. Hopefully, it lays down so we can do our thing out there!

      Blame it on the Wind

      July 20, 2020

      Red snapper season, once again, was a HILARIOUS joke! Virtually every fish we caught was incidentally killed — usually via a hungry goliath grouper or a sandbar shark full of eggs. I mean, all the FWC sitting at the docks and collecting ear bones and scales over the last 10 years — and what real data have they gotten? IT’S A JOKE!

        Amazing Week Offshore

        July 13, 2020

        Amazing week of fishing we just had. That taste of a joke of snapper season the morons allowed us to harvest was just that. As usual, limits in the first half hour and we had a few that were 21lbs. Fishing all week was fired up. Sails were very common, blackfins, cobia. AJ’s, obviously red snapper and the kingfish were fired up with many fish over 35/40lbs. This is the time to go offshore!

          Another Banner Week Offshore!

          July 6, 2020

          From the surf, all the way to the deep, the fishing produced well out of Port Canaveral. Shark fishing was really good in about 15/20 feet of water right outside the pier area. Red drum were mixed in the catch, and Goliath Grouper were plentiful, too! Giants. Tarpon and Kingfish have been nearshore on bunker schools. Finally, a normal summer for a change, lol.

            Crushing it Offshore

            June 29, 2020

            This week, we absolutely crushed it offshore out of the Port. Too many sails to keep track of every day. Consistently hit limits of kingfish up to 45 lb again. Plus, random cobia and dolphin have been in the mix every day! Bunker have been fairly easy to catch this week, as well. Maybe it’s the flat, calm ocean thats helping keep them around right now.

              Great Week Offshore

              June 22, 2020

              What a week! The kings finally turned back on again and are firing hard! We’ve been putting some big ones in the boat, too, with a rough average of 18-22 lb. We’ve also had a few as big as 45 lb. As always, live bunker is a great bait of choice, and they are currently all over and easy to net.

                Pretty Great Week Offshore

                June 15, 2020

                It was an awesome week in general fishing offshore. The ocean was shut down for a day, but other than that, the bite fired up pretty nicely. Deep dropping trips turned out nice with some fat yellow edges and tiles in 600-700 feet. Mahi were hit-or-miss from day to day. As usual, the smaller the bait, the better your chances. Find some weed-lines or temperature breaks to troll on, or just get lucky and find a tree…

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