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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    Offshore Update!

    April 21, 2019

    Despite rough conditions, we had a pretty great week offshore out of Port Canaveral. Beautifully sized kingfish were abundant on the reef and the ridge. They are eagerly eating frozen minnows and chartreuse dusters have helped add too the allure. Bottom fishing has been fun TONS of red snapper to play with, so the open season this summer just can’t come soon enough!

      Offshore Action Warming with Weather

      April 7, 2019

      Out of Port Canaveral, kingfish remain a hot ticket, especially around 8a, which has been smoking hot. We’re doing well with bunker and frozen cigar minnows rigged on 3x trebles and wire rigs with stingers attached. Skirts aren’t necessary right now. In addition to kings, there’s been a good number of blackfin tuna and a few sails also in the mix. When targeting these fish, be sure to keep your troll slow, around 1-1.5 knots.

        Awesome Fishing Offshore… FINALLY!

        April 1, 2019

        This week, we broke out of the doldrums and finally got into some pretty awesome fishing! The water temperatures have been warming a bit, and as expected, the kings have showed up in good numbers, pretty much all over the place. The reef and ridge were both doing especially well, and we found spinning minnows to be an effective bait. In the mix of kingfish, there were also sailfish, Blackfins and Mahi.

          Port Canaveral Offshore

          March 25, 2019

          This week was a typical re-run of last week. Winds and muddy lake looking water, but who knows, maybe it’s just me? We did manage some peanut mahi that were just hanging around a coconut tree and they were babies. I’m sure that will spark some of y’all to go pull ballyhoo all day. Lol, just kidding. Water was still too cold for the kings, but the water is definitely warming up. It won’t be too long until we finally see the kings again, God willing. I’m guessing roughly two weeks, tops. We are seeing significant changes daily. So that’s a good thing, anyway.

            Mahi Truther

            March 10, 2019

            MAHI MAHI are gone once again. I honestly feel no one knows a thing about these fish. I swear. they migrate from the south? they come across the stream? they don’t come across the stream? There are two giant schools of MAHI? This and that, the theories go on… The truth is it’s fishing, and sometimes they are there, and sometimes they are not. We as charter captains are honestly over the MAHI craze. People walk on the boat in full mahi gear and a cooler and ask, “are we filling this cooler with MAHI today?” So many think it’s the only fish in the ocean, or least that it’s the only edible fish in the ocean.

              Mahi Bite Falls Off

              March 4, 2019

              Well, this week pretty much stunk for the Mahi, either A- they came and went or B- they moved to the Other Side. Any boat that was able to go to the other side killed the mahi and a bunch of tuna. But lets face it, not many can afford to run 100 miles to do a little fishing. For the rest of us on this side of the stream, the bit was an unexpected “no go.”

                March Cobia Madness

                March Madness is here so bring on the cobia! This is the historic time frame here in the central east coast that the migration of cobia swims by us. Although we catch them all year long, this is usually the best time. The water is warming back up to the 70-degree mark. Free-swimming cobia are the most fun to target in my opinion. A few things must come together though. One being sunny skies, you must be able to see into the water a little bit and two, try to get as high as possible.

                  Better Weather, Decent Bite

                  February 25, 2019

                  Finally a few days of nice weather. un-b-leav-able. Starting from near shore we have seen good numbers of smaller fish. Blues, Spanish, pompano and whiting. Despite the cold and murky water, the bite has been decent. The tripletail on the buoys and floating debris has been as good as it gets. Sharks and red drum are firing nightly, which has been great for the kids and the shark trips. Perfect right? Well, things can always be worse but for the moment they are good.

                    Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

                    February 18, 2019

                    Offshore, water temperatures plummeted to 65 and basically shut off the kingfish bite. There is a nice temperature break in 450 feet with a few Mahi on it, but nothing to get too excited about. If you want the Mahi you can certainly find them, but most are on the other side in millionaire alley. Not for us, but the rich are out there getting richer… lol. Amberjack have been great on the deep wrecks and on 27. These are donkey sized fish and are taking live bait well. There’s also a bunch of almaco jacks in the mix, too. On the ledge and reef, there’s loads of red snapper if you want to stay busying catching and releasing, which can still be a good time even though you’re not taking any home for dinner. Meanwhile, nearshore, sharks and red drum remain pretty steady.

                      We Got… One!

                      February 11, 2019

                      Conditions on the ocean only allowed us to get out twice offshore this past week. Unfortunately, you had to have a full-day trip and not half-days because we had to travel an awful far distance to find the fish! We found some dolphin out there, straight out, in roughly 400′ depths. There was a little rip going on, but nothing major yet. Amberjack were in 250′ depths on some of the deep wrecks but the sharks wouldn’t give you the chance to get them to the boat. We tried some chicken rigging, but it produced disappointing results. On the bottom, it was cold and muddy and there were no takers on our squid. Further down south out of Sebastian, the kingfish bite has been going off, but it’s

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