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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    Weeds Improving Offshore

    June 8, 2019

    This week, the weeds weren’t quite as bad, but they are still getting in the way, and the shagging continues. That aside, the fishing has been really good! Kingfish are growing and some big smokers were caught this week. We hit the limit pretty much every single day with six or seven people in the boat.

      Impossibly Weedy Offshore

      May 27, 2019

      Weeeeds and more weeeeeeeds. Who doesn’t love to spend a day on the boat while shagging weeds the entire time? That’s what it takes to keep your bait clean while trolling the reefs right now. Captain Tyler recommends keeping your baits in sight and checking them every 3-4 seconds for maximum cleanliness. That is the key to successful fishing at the moment. If that doesn’t sound like a good time to you, bottom fishing is a sound alternative. Grouper and jacks are killing it right now. The bigger the live bait, the better you will be! Plus, the giant baits will keep the red snapper to 15/20lbers at least.

        Weeds Make for Tough Sledding

        May 23, 2019

        This past week would be rated a 6/10 on the Richter scale. One day was great and the next days were dead. Kings were hard to get due to the weed population — it’s absolutely unbelievable what we are dealing with here. It’s virtually impossible to get a bait out without snagging a weed in the first five feet and I sure hope it clears up soon. It’s making us look like a fool blaming poor fishing on weeds…..

          The Arrival!

          April 30, 2019

          Well, it’s safe to say the Mahi have arrived! Capt. Joe had a good day fishing 220 to 350 feet yesterday. The seas were sloppy but produced fish. It’s tough sledding though because there are scattered weeds everywhere, so be ready to work for them. However, if you put the time in you should be rewarded.

            Offshore Update!

            April 21, 2019

            Despite rough conditions, we had a pretty great week offshore out of Port Canaveral. Beautifully sized kingfish were abundant on the reef and the ridge. They are eagerly eating frozen minnows and chartreuse dusters have helped add too the allure. Bottom fishing has been fun TONS of red snapper to play with, so the open season this summer just can’t come soon enough!

              Offshore Action Warming with Weather

              April 7, 2019

              Out of Port Canaveral, kingfish remain a hot ticket, especially around 8a, which has been smoking hot. We’re doing well with bunker and frozen cigar minnows rigged on 3x trebles and wire rigs with stingers attached. Skirts aren’t necessary right now. In addition to kings, there’s been a good number of blackfin tuna and a few sails also in the mix. When targeting these fish, be sure to keep your troll slow, around 1-1.5 knots.

                Awesome Fishing Offshore… FINALLY!

                April 1, 2019

                This week, we broke out of the doldrums and finally got into some pretty awesome fishing! The water temperatures have been warming a bit, and as expected, the kings have showed up in good numbers, pretty much all over the place. The reef and ridge were both doing especially well, and we found spinning minnows to be an effective bait. In the mix of kingfish, there were also sailfish, Blackfins and Mahi.

                  Port Canaveral Offshore

                  March 25, 2019

                  This week was a typical re-run of last week. Winds and muddy lake looking water, but who knows, maybe it’s just me? We did manage some peanut mahi that were just hanging around a coconut tree and they were babies. I’m sure that will spark some of y’all to go pull ballyhoo all day. Lol, just kidding. Water was still too cold for the kings, but the water is definitely warming up. It won’t be too long until we finally see the kings again, God willing. I’m guessing roughly two weeks, tops. We are seeing significant changes daily. So that’s a good thing, anyway.

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