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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    Great Bait Situation

    August 5, 2019

    Kingfish continue to fire pretty good right now. We have fished from Pelicans big bend to the lumps to north of the pitman. Seems like the kings are just out there and in good numbers. Most every trip from morning to afternoons are limiting out daily. Just watch out for the storms. They have also been very consistent…

      Everything’s Eating Offshore

      July 21, 2019

      This week was another awesome one with the availability of live bait being pretty good. Bunkers have been holding around the pier, but if you can’t find them, threadfin schools scattered about around the bouys and easy to sabiki. We fished south a few days on Pelican and also a few days on 8A. Fishing was pretty great with a mix of Maui Maui, Cobia, King, Blackfins, etc., you name it, it was out there eating.

        Nearshore Shark Fishing

        July 19, 2019

        Nearshore shark fishing has been up and down. Man, oh man, I cannot figure these things out, but one thing I can say is that they are ALWAYS there. The hope is that they decide to actually eat. What’s been helping get to get them hungry is kingfish. The sharks like the scent of the oil. Similarly, bonita also sometimes works especially well, and some nights, the sharks like the smells bloodier than others.

          Hitting Limits is a SNAP!

          July 15, 2019

          This week was terrible, hardly any snapper anywhere. All we could catch was grouper. Could this season get any worse? lol. Really, though, it’s been great fishing. The boats left at 7am and were limited out by 9am, which included the hour-long ride out there. Plus, all the fish were slobs. It’s an absolute joke, but hey, it’s hard to complain; the fishing was great, as was the weather. After our snapper we tried for the grouper but not a ton of luck in that department. We did manage a few, but nothing crazy. The bottom is pretty cold.

            Awesome Reef Fishing

            July 8, 2019

            It’s been another awesome week fishing the reefs! Although the weeds are still currently moving in on us, the hot kingfish bite has remained on fire. We’re hitting limits every day and every trip. Mixed in with the kings are cudas, bonitos, and jack crevales. Between these species, it’s been non-stop action. Frozen cigar minnows are working well for us when we can’t find live bunker. Don’t forget to try the cans for greenies with sabiki gear.

              Kings Gone Wild

              July 1, 2019

              This week was one of the best for offshore and nearshore fishing that we’ve seen in a while. Kings showed up in the +40 lb class — and in BIG numbers! Capt. Byrd had one in the 50s… Record numbers of fish are being caught out of the Port, with a variety of coveted species in the mix, including cobia to mahi. Live bait worked really well, with plenty of it being available in and around the Port. Fresh bunker was everywhere earlier this week, but have been trending downward over these past few days. If there’s no bunker, spinning minnows will do a fine job for you, too.

                Weeds Improving Offshore

                June 8, 2019

                This week, the weeds weren’t quite as bad, but they are still getting in the way, and the shagging continues. That aside, the fishing has been really good! Kingfish are growing and some big smokers were caught this week. We hit the limit pretty much every single day with six or seven people in the boat.

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