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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    Secret Ingredients

    January 25, 2021

    What an awesome week. We had all of Port Canaveral’s secret ingredients… No wind, bait fish and calm clean ocean. King fish fired all week with all boats catching limits daily. Once we got that done it was on to the bottom bite. All you can do is catch red snapper and plenty of amberjacks. The troll was on the reefs and pelican.

      Let’s Go DEEP!

      January 18, 2021

      Fishing was awesome all week! The weather was not too bad, either. We got offshore a few days and the kings were fired up! AJs were chewing hard as well. Red snapper, well, you know the story on that… Just an awesome week to fish. Full boxes unloaded. Nearshore, red drum are doing great as well. We have a week of west winds out there so get your skiffs and yaks shined up for some schooling drum!

        Cobia Showing Up Early

        January 11, 2021

        EXCELLENT week. The kings Fired according to Capt Tyler running the Seas Fire boat. This weeks forecast looks great and I dont have to complain about the wind at this point. Looks like smooth sailing, finally! Bunker have been easy to come by in the bight the last several days, too. Although having live bait never hurts, it hasn’t seemed to make much of a difference lately as they are chewing the frozen just as good. Chicken rigging has been off the chain, as well.

          No Complaints this Week

          November 29, 2020

          Well my rant of a prayer last week seemed to have worked! We were blessed with three full days to fish in some pretty nice weather. Friday through Sunday conditions were perfect and the fishing was great, as well. Maybe great isn’t the best term, but all the out-of-towners fishing for the holiday loved it — and that’s ALL that matters.

            To Hell with 2020!

            November 23, 2020

            I am hoping you picked up on my sarcasm in last week’s report. The truth is, I don’t even know where to start with this. Is the end of the world near? I mean WTF! Please God, we need your help, we are trying to make a living! First Covid, then election fraud and now wind. Not just a breeze every few days but hurricane winds for 2 months straight? Honestly I get it, I do. You’re keeping us off the water to let the fish spawn and procreate for us. You’re making us spend time with our families, you are teaching us a lesson. I’m good now, really I am. Just had to get that off my chest so thank you for listening LOL.

              Offshore BONANZA

              November 16, 2020

              >Offshore fishing has been spectacular. More mahi mahi than you can ever imagined. The weedlines we’re the definition of the yellow brick road we all dream of. Bunker were deep as can be almost to the stream with every species you can think of on them just mowing down. Blues to 230lbs and bass to 50. Just incredible.

                Still Rolling Nearshore

                November 2, 2020

                Despite the blow, I gotta admit, it was a decent week. We only got offshore for 20 min this week and that sucked, but nearshore trips have been rolling. Sharks, red drum, tarpon and some spanish mackerel were all part of the mixed bag. The best fishing was inside the port itself with a large influx of sandbar sharks. Catching 3-5 sandbars in a 4hr period tells me that there are 100s of them swimming around the port itself. Pretty crazy (anyone ever see a small sandbar?) OHHHH, I almost forgot — the snook bite has been awesome along the jetties, too.

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