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Capt. Chris is the proud owner & operator of Fired Up Fishing Charters out of Port Canaveral in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

    We Got… One!

    February 11, 2019

    Conditions on the ocean only allowed us to get out twice offshore this past week. Unfortunately, you had to have a full-day trip and not half-days because we had to travel an awful far distance to find the fish! We found some dolphin out there, straight out, in roughly 400′ depths. There was a little rip going on, but nothing major yet. Amberjack were in 250′ depths on some of the deep wrecks but the sharks wouldn’t give you the chance to get them to the boat. We tried some chicken rigging, but it produced disappointing results. On the bottom, it was cold and muddy and there were no takers on our squid. Further down south out of Sebastian, the kingfish bite has been going off, but it’s


      February 4, 2019

      Well, I wish I had some great news to share but the truth is that the winds have been terrible and kept us landlocked. One day was fishable and we caught zero. the few Amberjack we caught were eaten by sandbar sharks. all in all it was a total dump as we say. Though this stinks it is a very predictable time of year with bad weather. I wish we had better news but this is the plain truth.

        Another Great Week Offshore

        January 21, 2019

        It’s been an absolute amazing week offshore again. The sailfish numbers were awesome. Almost two per charter every single day. They are eating everything you can pull. Live bunker or dead minnows. The King Mack bite is also insane right now on Pelican, Reef, lumps, wrecks — you name it and the kings are there! Cobia are also still around in great numbers. Just find the rays. Patrick in 50 foot is a good start but also around the tip of the cape. Red Drum and sharks are all close and eating everything. It’s been a lot of fun for charters. Trippletail are on all the chains and dredge debris. Live shrimp and small jigs are key. All in all, an awesome week! Now get ready for the winds:(

          Outstanding Offshore Action

          January 14, 2019

          This week was outstanding once again. Sail fish continue to surprise us with double hook-ups seen daily. They are eating the same baits as the kings, so nothing special is needed to get the attention of these beautiful fish — just the usual bunker and dead sardines are getting the job done. The reef and the ridge are both good places to start. Or, just go straight out to the lumps. Kings are still holding strong as well. A few areas are holding the big ones. 30-40lbers this time of year are not uncommon. Live bait 100% works better for the smokers.

            Awesome Fishing Offshore & Nearshore

            January 11, 2019

            I have been slammed working on the boats lately, but when granted the opportunity to go fishing, the bite has been AWESOME both nearshore and offshore. The reef is on fire with sailfish, kingfish, dolphin… I mean, everything! Live bait is plentiful all over and easy to catch. Slow trolling with these live bait rigs should produce good results. Nearshore is also insane with sharks of many species and giant reds schooling up and down the beach. Look for the birds and you’ll find the fish. Cobia have also been out there in good numbers from PAFB to Buoy 2. Look for the rays and you’ll find the cobia.

              A Few Banner Days Offshore

              December 30, 2018

              With the rough weather this week, only a few days offshore were possible. However, each day was absolutely BANNER with limits of kings and some random cobia and sails. Dead bait was the only choice we had, so dead minnows it was. Nearshore for sharks was good as well. Still nothing big but we’re catching plenty of smaller ones to keep us busy. Many species of shark are in the fold including hammers and bulls. Red drum are starting to slack off but we’re still catching a few nearshore. Triple tail are also still around but the bite has not been as good as the last few weeks. Good luck!

                Port Canaveral Offshore

                December 17, 2018

                For the one day we were able to get out, fishing was awesome offshore. Kings absolutely fired and the bottom chicken rigging was pretty decent with a bunch of triggers and vermillion. The rest of the week we had to stick nearshore and fish for red drum and sharks. It was slow at times and very good other times.

                  Port Canaveral Offshore

                  December 3, 2018

                  We were only able to fish offshore two days last week due to high winds and heavy seas, but those two days offshore were absolutely amazing fishing. We landed a few mahi, blackfins and all the kings we could handle. All fish were caught on a variety of live baits, but mainly dead minnows and small skirts. The reef is a good place to start.

                    Awesome Offshore Fishing

                    November 25, 2018

                    What an absolutely awesome week! Offshore has been on fire with kingfish and a lot more like random mahi! We even seen a few blackfins mixed in as well. All the usual spots like the 8A and Pelican seem to be the place to be which is no secret this time of year. Still no live bait all week so frozen minnows are the trick. We fish naked frozen minnows on a stinger rig. Nearshore has also been on fire with the giant reds and numerous sharks. Use chunks of king and Spanish for those. Tripletail have been around the buoys too. Shrimp works best for targeting these tasty fish.

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