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I’m Capt. Glyn Austin, the owner and operator of Going Coastal Fishing Charters. I’m a central Florida native who was born and raised in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area. It’s here where my love for fishing was nurtured. Now, that passion is now my full time job.

    Full Moon & Front to Change Patterns

    January 17, 2022

    The inlet and beach fishing has been pretty good between the swells when we can get off the beach. Meanwhile, the inshore bite has been hit or miss. Plenty of bluefish jacks and some pompano in the inlet as well as some flounder. This week’s front will slow the fishing around the full moon during the daytime as water temps cool off quite a bit. Look for best bite this week during the afternoon and night time hours.

      Jacks Everywhere…

      January 10, 2022

      Had a good early week on the beach for some mackerel, bluefish and jacks on artificials. There were a few pompano thrown in the mix, too. The river has had a decent amount of trout as well as a few snook and some jacks. Inlet bite has had some reds as well as a bunch of jacks and a few snook here and there. Inside the inlet the small flounder are thick and the jacks and blues have been plentiful.

        Great Weather & Fishing

        January 3, 2022

        Was another great weather and fishing week. The calm seas allowed us to fish the beaches for Jacks, Mackerel, Bluefish Sharks and Tarpon. A little further off the beach the Kingfish were thick and literally jumping in the boat. High winds and a cold front may slow that bite this week. Look for more action inshore from Trout, Pompano Bluefish and Mackerel.

          Sebastian Inlet/Nearshore

          December 27, 2021

          Good conditions allowed us to fish the beach early in the week, which produced a lot of sharks and some nice tarpon as well as plenty of mackerel and bluefish. Nearshore reefs are holding sheepshead, margate and snapper. Pompano are hitting inshore near the inlet along the flats as well as along the beach north of the inlet.

            Great Fishing Off the Beach

            December 13, 2021

            It’s been a great week of fishing off the beach since the winds have been down and the seas are calm. Plenty of bluefish, jacks and mackerel are eating out there along with some pompano mixed in as well as a few bonefish here and there, too. Sharks and tarpon are scattered and are feeding on the baitfish and mackerel and blues along the beach.

              Warming Trend Should Boost Bite

              December 6, 2021

              The inlet bite was good this week and over weekend. We caught snook and plenty of redfish on live bait during the day, which has been good if you don’t mind fighting the crowds. Inshore, the snook and trout bite has been pretty good, as well. Live bait is best but the artificial bite has been decent before the cold fronts. After the fronts, the bite has been tough.

                Good Pre-front Bite

                November 29, 2021

                Fishing has been hit or miss between the fronts lately. Pre-front, the bite has been pretty good with decent snook and redfish action in the inlet and nearby lagoon. The trout, pompano and bluefish have been good, as well. However, once that high pressure sets in after the front clears, the bite has been slowing down over a few days.

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