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I’m Capt. Glyn Austin, the owner and operator of Going Coastal Fishing Charters. I’m a central Florida native who was born and raised in the Melbourne and Palm Bay area. It’s here where my love for fishing was nurtured. Now, that passion is now my full time job.

    Plenty of Trout

    November 23, 2020

    Despite the wind and rain we’ve had some very good days of fishing from Grant through Sebastian and Vero. Inshore has been the only option 95% of the time with the exception of a few days you could get outside the inlet.

      Same Song, Different Week

      November 16, 2020

      I hate to sound like a broken record, but it was another week of inconsistent weather with a lot of wind and some rain. But, it didn’t stop us from getting in some decent fishing days inshore with plenty of trout, some snook and some nice reds. Throw in a bunch of jacks and ladyfish, and it was fun times for all. The inlet was good when the weather allowed the boats to get out there with snook, jacks and redfish all actively eating.

        Fishing Through Eta

        November 9, 2020

        Wind, wind and more wind is what we are dealing with this week and last with Tropical Storm Eta still lingering out there right now. But even with the wind, we can still get out on the water and catch some fish. Fish the lee side of the lagoon and the inlet and you should be able to get into some decent fish. Plenty of trout, snook and a few redfish around. Also, we’re catching some flounder in the inlet and the lagoon. Live mullet and pilchards are great baits but topwater and soft plastics have been productive, too.

          Lackluster Mullet Run

          October 19, 2020

          We had some great weather and fishing earlier last week but the bite slowed after the front on Tuesday with some short periods of good fishing each day. There’s been lots of snook and reds at the inlet at times, but you had to wait out the bite which is tough for some anglers. We were able to run the beach and found some decent action from sharks, tarpon and some redfish.

            Algae Pushed Down South

            October 11, 2020

            It was a pretty good week despite the heavy winds and rain. Down south, the water is extremely dirty. This is a result of the north winds last week blowing the algae bloom from the northern part of the lagoon down to the inlet. The only blessing is that we have the water flushed two times a day out through the inlet, so it pulls out the dirty water and pushes some clean water in.

              Tough Conditions But Solid Bite

              October 5, 2020

              We had quite a bit of wind and rain this week, which frustrated conditions by dirtying the water and displacing bait pods; but, despite the murky water and rough weather, the bite has been pretty good if you can find areas in the lagoon with bait. We’ve been catching some nice trout as well as a lot of under-and-over slot snook. Live finger mullet have been working well and the Storm 3” paddle tail and 4” jerk baits have been working for us, too. Paddle tails have been a little better in the dirty water with the vibration added from the tail.

                Mullet Run Popping

                September 21, 2020

                The mullet run was popping last week. We had a few days with big schools throughout the lagoon and a few small schools along the beaches. Lots of jacks, trout and some snook and reds following the schools in the lagoon. The schools around the inlet had some snook and reds mixed in. Live mullet and pig fish were the best baits in and around Sebastian Inlet.

                  Expect Great Action After Cooling Water

                  September 15, 2020

                  Had another good week of tarpon fishing on the bait pods but with the tropical storms, the seas have been too rough to get out since the weekend. Offshore has been great as well with cobia, snapper, triggerfish and kingfish on the menu. With the winds and seas building, we will be fishing the lagoon for the foreseeable future. This week we should start seeing more bait in the river. The mullet run is getting started and the river should have great action as the water is cooling down due to shorter days and a bit of rain from the tropical storms. Fish the bait pods along the shorelines for Snook, trout and reds and you will also get some flounder and ladyfish and jacks. Should be a great week if you find the bait and can put in the time.

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