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Capt. Mark’s passion for inshore saltwater fishing began while living in Stuart, Florida at the southern reaches of the Indian River Lagoon. Here he learned the fine art of snook fishing from the area’s lighted bridges while fishing at night. Here too he learned how to catch trout by the hundreds on the expansive flats from Jensen Beach to Ft. Pier

    Reds Eating with Enthusiasm

    November 11, 2018

    It was nice to be busy again this past week and was especially nice for the redfish to cooperate! Even though the wind blew during a couple of trips early in the week the reds ate with enthusiasm. Cut mullet chunks offered on grass line edges dividing the super skinny flats from slightly deeper sandy bottom regions proved to be most productive. These “highways” are often traveled by predators cruising along in search of an easy meal.

      Mosquito Lagoon Report

      November 5, 2018

      We took part in a couple of multi-boat corporate charters this week. Between hiding from the wind and running from the rain I’m surprised at our catches. Spotted seatrout (mostly schoolie fish), redfish and lots of odds and ends were caught. Of course the ever abundant catfish were particularly obnoxious this week!

        Upcoming Winter Fishing Pattern

        October 29, 2018

        I can’t wait for the off-season to finally pass by so I can get back to my regular fishing schedule. When the phone seldom rings I find excuses to park my butt at home. With the winds being uncharacteristically strong for most of October I’ve spent little time on the water. Saturday morning’s breeze had an enjoyable chill to it; a most welcome coolness that signifies the coming change of seasons.

          Uncharacteristic Conditions for the Season

          October 22, 2018

          At a time of year when I expect the water to be high and relatively clear, but I’m witnessing falling water levels and dingy water conditions nearly everywhere I’ve been. Also, it seems as if our silver mullet population has decreased in a big way. To be sure, there are plenty of big black mullet on most every flat and back-water bay, but I saw only isolated pods of fingerling or adult silver mullet at random intervals.

            Puff, Puff, Cast

            September 29, 2018

            I got back on the water for a couple of trips this week. The full-moon influence was not kind to us. Finding fish was not especially difficult, though prompting a solid bite was.

            Our Z-Man soft plastics only produced short-strikes from little trout, baby tarpon and the ever-present and obnoxious pinfish. These same critters pulling on the tails of our soft plastic offerings also nipped at our top-water plugs; both poppers and walkers. Since neither my anglers nor I wanted to wait out the fish for their typically active mid-day bite (a common occurrence on new and full moons), we made the most of the cooler mornings and called it a day.

              B.O.A.T. Maintenance

              September 23, 2018

              Boat issues kept me off the water all week. If you’re not a boat owner but are considering becoming a boat owner, be aware the word boat is really an acronym. Its meaning is simple: Break Out Another Thousand (B.O.A.T.) While the past sentence may not be factual it is accurate. Yes, it’s a joke, though one based on experience!

                40 Incher

                June 23, 2018

                After being snubbed by the trout in one of my favorite spots then being continuously flipped-off (yep, they were tailing) by a finicky school of black drum Matt made contact with this 40 inch redfish.

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