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Capt. Mark’s passion for inshore saltwater fishing began while living in Stuart, Florida at the southern reaches of the Indian River Lagoon. Here he learned the fine art of snook fishing from the area’s lighted bridges while fishing at night. Here too he learned how to catch trout by the hundreds on the expansive flats from Jensen Beach to Ft. Pier

    Find the Right Tide

    May 3, 2021

    Fishing continues to be steady to good in Fort Pierce with the exception of the low tide time frame. Starting at first (safe) light will get you bit using top-water plugs like walkers or poppers and unweighted or very lightly weighted Z-Man Jerk Shadz. Unfortunately, if it’s the last two hours of the ebb tide or very early in the flood tide this bite is likely to end quickly.

      Wind Be Damned!

      April 26, 2021

      Wind be damned! I decided to take my regulars fishing when they asked. I even decided to book a couple of new clients that were willing to risk getting skunked because of wind direction and velocities forcing me to hind in areas I wouldn’t have chosen to fish.

        Gone Freshwater!

        March 1, 2021

        Life’s obstacles kept me off the water again this week with the exception of a trip to Headwaters Lake. The bite was off the morning we went, but we still managed many quality bass that ate a variety of lures, including top-water plugs and worms. I look forward to returning to the new lake soon!

          Happy New Year, Gang!

          January 4, 2021

          We are in full winter inshore fishing patterns here in Fort Pierce, as is exemplified by very low water levels and huge swings in water temps. Timing our opportunities as cold fronts approach and then pass will up our odds of catching fish rather than just fishing.

            Observations from Fort Pierce

            December 21, 2020

            I hate to admit it, but I still haven’t found my way onto the water since my last report. Our recent fickle weather patterns and one pressing project robbed me of the few “nice” weather days I could have fished recently. I’m not too concerned though as this weird weather is expected to be over fairly soon. I expect to be out frequently after the Holiday Season is behind us!

              Age Is NOT Just A Number!

              October 26, 2020

              The life of a fishing guide is far more complex than the average person believes it to be. It becomes even more complex for the maturing guide as we reach what most Americans call retirement age. Beyond the obvious factors of managing a small business we “seasoned” guides must also deal with our aging bodies and body parts as they slowly wear out and require additional maintenance…

                Improved Shallow Water Bite

                September 5, 2020

                The shallow water bite has improved significantly in recent weeks, at least in my section of the IRL. Not only are the snook and over-slot seatrout actively feeding in prime locations at first light the bite often continues well into late morning. I have no doubt there is another active bite during the heat of the day but I won’t be there to witness it.

                  40 Incher

                  June 23, 2018

                  After being snubbed by the trout in one of my favorite spots then being continuously flipped-off (yep, they were tailing) by a finicky school of black drum Matt made contact with this 40 inch redfish.

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