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As a lifelong Central Florida native, Captain Tom Van Horn spent his youthful years tromping through the backwater swamps, lakes, rivers and lagoons with a fishing rod in hand, and things haven’t changed much for him since. Currently working as a professional fishing guide on Central Florida’s St Johns River, east Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon, Indian

    January 2020 Indian River Fishing Forecast

    January 1, 2020

    As we welcome a new decade, it is once again time to reflect on the events and accomplishments of 2019 and count our many blessings. As passionate anglers we are truly blessed to live in Florida where spending time on the water and angling are year-round endeavors. I am also thankful for another great year of fishing with my clients and friends on the revered waters of the Indian River Lagoon estuary and the St Johns River. Thank you all for a year filled with adventure on the water and many great memories.

      Mosquito Lagoon Coastal Fishing Forecast, April 2019

      March 28, 2019

      Spring has arrived here on the Space Coast, and my focus thus far has been targeting trophy size redfish and black drum in deeper water. The flats fishing has been good when the weather is favorable and should improve as the silver mullet continue to migrate back into the lagoon. The nearshore tripletail and black drum have been good as well, but again in late March and early April Mother Nature holds the upper hand in determining where we fish.

        Mid-March Mosquito Lagoon / Coastal Fishing Report

        March 18, 2019

        On the Mosquito and the Indian River Lagoons, water levels are in a moderate range and the water clarity is still dirty in most locations. Add these factors to the winds of March, and you have challenging fishing conditions. Although the conditions have been challenging, we have still managed to catch some very respectable redfish and black drum, you just have to work harder to locate and catch them. In addition, the silver mullet have returned to the flats in good numbers, so the top water plug action for sea trout is picking up in the skinny water.

          Coastal Central Florida March Fishing Outlook

          February 24, 2019

          As the days grow longer and the ocean begins its gradual warming phase, (68 to 72-degree range), the spring fishing bonanza on the east central coast of Florida kicks in. Thus far we’ve experienced a warmer then normal winter and as of this correspondence (February 24, 2019) the water temperature at the Canaveral Nearshore Buoy Station 41113 is 68.7 degrees. As usual, weather will serve as the determining factor in establishing the magnitude and progression of the bite and the predator species we love to catch.

            Mid-February Orlando Area Mosquito Lagoon Coastal Fishing Report

            February 20, 2019

            My fishing adventures thus far in February have covered a wide spectrum of opportunities from freshwater American shad and crappie fishing to targeting redfish, black drum and sea trout on the Mosquito Lagoon. As always when fishing in Central Florida in February, weather fronts can make catching challenging with windy and cloudy conditions.

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