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Strictly Offshore

    Mud Crickets

    August 9, 2020

    The passing storm delivered flat seas for Saturday, and the ride was quicker than usual. Good time, good friends, a few good fish, and another one in the books. Can’t wait for the next storm to pass…

      Wheres the Wahoo?

      February 10, 2020

      Looked like a short window of hope to get offshore Saturday, we left the ramp at 5AM in search of some sunrise wahoo action. The ride out was surprisingly smooth, considering the recent weather. After a couple hours pulling through what looked to be productive waters, and no action, we switched things up and went deep.


        July 15, 2019

        DAY 1 (7-12-2019): Generally, the bites were more frequent earlier in the morning & really slowed down by 11:30. Also, the livebait kept the smaller ones off the hook.

        DAY 2 (7-13-2019): Out of Port Canaveral; again, the morning bite with livebait was the winning combination.

          Chicken of the Sea

          May 31, 2019

          Had an opportunity to fish with some friends on the east side of the gulf stream this week. For the ride out, the seas and wind were friendly. We found some birds around 100 miles out, and picked through the tuna until things slowed down. We made the buoy by the afternoon and spent through sun down working the area.

            Snowing in May

            May 13, 2019

            5/11/2019 – Seas were larger than expected, seems to be the trend lately, We set a spread in 200feet of water around 7:30 and trolled out to deeper water, not many weeds until around 350, and not one knockdown. Looking back, I think we ran right past most of the mahi in shallower water. First drop out deep and we hooked two snowy up on the same rig. A few more passes looking for gold & found none. We moved back into the cones looking for something to eat big livebait and we sure found it. Not the cooler-worthy fare we were hoped for, but after about a 30 minute battle, we shared a reluctant visit with a five foot sandbar shark. It took a 15 second rest, slapped the boat and headed back home.

              Where did the Kingfish go?

              April 16, 2019

              Apr 13 2019 – arrived at 8A by 8AM, water was 74 degrees – slow trolled livebait and cigar minnows for about an hour and no action; only 3 other boats (charters) on the reef and we saw no poles bend. Was looking forward to a mess of kingfish, will have to wait until another day. The seas were rough to say the least, so the ride out to the deep was long, but paid off. Water was 77, the drift was swift, and we got action on the flatline before we could get the bottom gear out. Overall things were much more fishy out there. Got our limit of tile and trolled through some weeds on the way in with mahi action about every 10-15 minutes. Another good day in the books!

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