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    Fishing with friends

    December 28, 2020

    I was pleasantly surprised to get a call from my friend and surf fishing mentor Larry Finch. Larry was going to be in the area and inquired if I wanted to get together and fish. I jumped at the chance. Conditions were not great with the skies overcast and a slight drizzle in the air. The water had a nice green hint of color but the surf was a bit rough and the current was ripping south to north.

      Weedy Wednesday

      November 25, 2020

      Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Conditions did not look great. The water was dirty and the weeds were very troublesome. The water temperature seemed just slightly cooler than a few days ago. I had sand fleas that […]

        Wednesday Whiting

        October 28, 2020

        After about 10 days of big tides, big waves, big wind, and weeds, things settled down nicely at the beginning of the week. I was unable to fish on Tuesday but found time to gather some fleas in the afternoon and conditions looked promising. I hit the sand as the sun was just starting to show itself on this partly cloudy morning. 8-10 mph winds out of the ESE made a pleasant morning with temperature in the high 70’s. I set my rod holders in the wash as I would be fishing a falling tide.

          Columbus Day – Discovered Fish

          October 12, 2020

          I was in no hurry this morning as the water was yesterday, while weed-free, very dirty. To my surprise, I was met with calm seas and clean water. The tide was about half way out on this pleasant overcast morning with light winds out of the west and a pleasant 75 degrees. I set up 3 rods. 3oz pyramids today was all I needed to hold bottom, and with the west wind I could toss them in the trough or launch them out well over 100 yards.

            Late afternoon Pompano

            April 21, 2020

            Tuesday 4/21 South Melbourne beaches 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm. This was about 1.5 hrs after low tide on the incoming. Water fairly flat and a little off color. Light winds moving around from all directions. today was the first time since I have been fishing a beach by my home did I see a FWC officer patrolling the beach on a 4 wheeler. He stopped, checked my license, which I had stored on the FWC app on my phone, looked at the 4 pomps I had at the time and measured the smallest (12″). He was a good guy, courteous, wore a mask, & maintained social distancing pretty well. I ended the day with a limit of pomps and 4 whiting. Today’s fish and any I may be lucky enough to harvest tomorrow are headed to a family whose work has been interrupted with the COVID-19 issues.

              A Tale of Two Beaches

              February 13, 2020

              With Valentine’s day looming on the weekend, I had two days available to hit Brevard county beaches. Wednesday was my first available day and I traveled to the Northern part of the county. The public beach had a few fisherman and was loaded with beach-goers as the morning wore on. My morning was filled with a fairly steady whiting bite and one lone pompano.

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