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I started fishing locally in 1959. After chasing snook, tarpon and huge jack crevalles I found a species that I've been passionate about catching: "the Florida Pompano." The challenge of chasing the geography to locate these silver nuggets became a life dream.

    Great Surf Fishing!

    May 3, 2020

    The opportunity is here and the surf fishing has been great! Jensen Beach north to Ft. Pierce Inlet are open, but Martin County south remains closed. Please follow the guidelines! No coolers, blankets, towels or umbrellas, and maintain practices of social distancing. Any appearance that violates these rules will involve warnings. A lot of folks are thankful and will remind you to not blow this opportunity for others.

      Cracking the Pompano Code

      November 25, 2019

      As the water transitioned from muddy to transparent brown, the first responders found residence (again, from somewhere north)! Big bluefish were predatorily consuming finger mullet and inanimate shiny objects that were cast anywhere close to them; jacks and ladyfish also present, chasing after glass minnows.

        Water Temps & Anticipating Pompano

        October 21, 2019

        I have coordinated my fishing trips around the New Moon with the next one being Oct.27th. The solunar cycle surveys this day as an all-day potential bite. Of course, forecasting with only that in mind defies cooperation from the weather. A positive menu would include a ENE 10 to 15 breeze, a polite 2′ to 4′ sea and a stable or falling barometer. Additionally, knowing the water temp at different beaches is truly advantageous!

          Down South Surf Report

          August 12, 2019

          The Icebreaker Arrives in the Steamy South! Pompano, croakers and droves of bonefish make the first inshore journey of the Summer. Pompano, croakers and droves of bonefish make the first inshore journey of the Summer. Baits of choice include blanched fleas, brined fresh shrimp and Fish Bites (clam and sand flea flavored in orange color). Fluorocarbon leaders in crystal clear waters are imperative. I suggest 1/0 offset circle hooks and 30 lb. rated terminal tackle.

            Don’t Be Deterred by Sargassum in the Surf

            May 30, 2019

            With the heavy easterly winds the entire coast has been burdened with Sargasso. Many are under the notion that the pompano season is over. These are fisherman of habit. They haunt specific beaches and find comfort with an area that has been productive on occasion. Perhaps they have a friend they pal with and they always meet there. Naturally, fishing isn’t always catching. Sooner or later, the heat and the seaweed declare an end to the season.

              Prime Time for Pompano Down South

              April 21, 2019

              The Pink Full Moon, also named the Harvest Moon, has always marked the signature month for pompano! The Algonquin tribes named moons after natural activities that occurred during its appearance. The pink connotation related to the showering colors of spring flowers, while the Harvest Moon related to the annual shad spawning in Michigan and other northeastern streams.

                Inlet Exits Holding Promise

                February 22, 2019

                As seasonably warm temps and constant southerly winds create dynamic changes. After weeks of inhabiting the Stuart/Vero estuary pompano, ladyfish and bonefish are staging at both Local inlets. The inlet exits are promising as surf results increase! Boat anglers have been limiting out all week but that changed upon the increase of heavy southerly winds. Whether the fish would go north or south was the question. The fish chose both directions.

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