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Primarily East Central Coast Inshore and West Central Coast Offshore fisherman. Baits of choice are : DOA paddle tails with jigs. Super Spook top water Gulp shrimp Boat: Gheenoe Lowsider

    Inlet South

    February 23, 2020

    I was up earlier than normal fully motivated to let some fish know that we weren’t playing games today. Then I got to the boat dock…feel free to write this down. The letter “I,” the letter “D,” the number “10” and the letter “T.” After donkeying about trying to figure out why I was ready to donate my motor to the sandy bottom, I realized that turning the fuel line off last night was the culprit. Yeah, that guy.

      Bite Was Good Today

      February 16, 2020

      Woke up quick, at about noon… It’s been a busy past few weeks working and I finally got the chance to sleep in and fish. Perfect. The bite started out pretty slow with a single small snook and a catfish using gulf shrimp in grey. Glass minnows were everywhere so I went with a twitch bait, nothing. I could hear bait getting busted on deep in the mangroves, so I went back to gulp, but this time a Grey Curley tail. Skipped a few under and SLAM. Hooked up on a nice 22” red. A few casts later and I hit a 20” snook.


        December 5, 2019

        Hit the 192 bridges last night and noticed that this red moss/crap has started to form around the shoreline. Stuff is thick. Couldn’t throw but a few cast before I gave up reeling in piles of this stuff. Went down to the beach and conditions were excellent. A guys there was consistently catching whiting, but stated the fleas were hard to come bye. Conditions weather wise look great. Hope to see some reports.

          Old Dirt Docks

          December 1, 2019

          Hit old dirt docks at around 5am this morning. Oddly enough, nobody was there. Hit the eastern shoreline and the bite was one fire. First cast produced a 19in red, the very next 3 cast were Trout ranging from 14-20in. On the hunt for a snook with some size, I started pitching some live finger mullet, which were so abundant that my first cast with the net was all I needed.

            Small Trout

            November 26, 2019

            Hit the Cape Canaveral Hospital bridges for a few minutes in between jobs Im working. Threw gulp in green and literally caught a fish a cast. Nothing over 15in, but as other reports have stated, it’s great to see the fish population exploding. Have a great Holiday. Be safe.

              Last Day

              June 1, 2019

              Tried to see if I could hit a slot size snook on the last day. Woke up super pumped and ready to get into the action. Rods rigged, baits assorted, this is going to be […]

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