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Flyin’ for Bulls

By |10.16.2019|

Of all the ways there are to catch Redfish, tossing a hook covered with feathers and fur and watching a 40+ Bull inhale your presentation has got to be the pinnacle. This happened for me this past week on a scouting trip with my fellow Florida Fly Co Charter partner, Captain Noah Miller. I rarely, if ever, target Bull Redfish but was determined to check off another “Bucket List” fish. This is the perfect time of year for those looking to target Bull Redfish.

Melbourne Beach

By |10.15.2019|

We hit the beach on Sunday afternoon and Monday evening not really expecting to much. Ended up catching about five small whiting and one small pompano, none were keepers. Monday was mostly cats one small pompano again and two little fish I’ve never caught before, that I looked up and figured out there sea robins.

Mullet Running, FINALLY!

By |10.14.2019|

Last week, the inshore bite was great and the mullet run is FINALLY starting. In the lagoon around the islands and shorelines, there's lots of slot trout, some pompano, snook and redfish all in the mix under the schools of mullet. The most productive areas for us were shorelines from Palm Bay to Grant and down to the Inlet. Storm Coastal jerk bait and paddle tails and the ABOA Dart Spin rigged on 1/8 ounce jighead were the hot ticket. The inlet bite turned on over the weekend as the schools of snook and redfish were mixed in with the mullet schools. Live mullet were best baits but pinfish and pigfish were productive at times as well.

Another Great Week in the Lagoon

By |10.14.2019|

It’s been another great week here at Fineline Fishing Charters. The speckled trout bite that we’ve been experiencing over the last 2 to 3 weeks has continued on through this week in the Indian River Lagoon. Just like we have in the past few reports, we’ve been starting off with top water lures in the morning. Rapala Skitterwalk and Storm Chug Bugs being the two main types that we are using, then switching over to sub- surface lures like the smaller size Subwalk in the mangrove minnow color or the Rapala Twitching Minnow in the smaller size in the black back with an orange belly.

IHB/Satellite Inshore & Surf

By |10.14.2019|

Fishing the canals around Satellite Beach we have received good reports. Black drum, snook, mangrove snapper, nice trout, tarpon and the sheepshead have all been abundant. The river/lagoon is still holding some pompano at the bridges and we're hearing that the black drum bite is going off at the Indian River side of the Pineda Causeway. On the opposite side, in the Banana River, some nice reds are holding just north of the Pineda. In the surf, the conditions have been far from ideal, but we're still seeing some nice catches of slot redfish and even some snook hookups.

Ponce Inlet

By |10.14.2019|

It’s that time of the year when the bull reds stack up inside of Ponce Inlet. These fish have some shoulders so beef up your tackle so you can land them quickly and get them back in the water as soon as possible for a safe release. Don't be surprised while targeting these big reds if you lock horns with a nice snook or tarpon as well. They always make for some added fun! Inside the Mosquito Lagoon, the trout fishing has been very good throwing Zman paddle-tails as well as Rapala Skitterwalks first thing in the morning.

Big IRL Tarpon Bite Continues

By |10.14.2019|

The wind and seas kept boats under 35ft from getting out to the blue water, but I crushed it inshore. It was mostly last minute trips with a busy schedule. In total, I caught a 40lb tarpon, jumped a few smaller, a 48 inch red, a 31 inch red, and missed several large trout. The only thing I didn't find was the snook.

Offshore October 18

By |10.14.2019|

Calm seas finally. Lots of barracuda, bonita, small sharks and few smaller dolphin here and there. Not many weeds and no hard edge between 160 ft to 200 ft.

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