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Go Deep for Bigger Fish

By |7.26.2021|

This week has been really good on Stick Marsh and Headwaters Reservoir. We have been catching some big fish on both of these lakes, deploying swimbaits, Bass Assassin Tapout worms and the RSB worms in Junebug and Junebug blue tail. Set your boat in 3-5ft of water and cast to the deeper water. +10ft is where you'll find the bigger fish. Fish these baits really slow along the bottom and hang on to your rod.

Amazing Week Fishing Offshore

By |7.26.2021|

10/10 week! Yup, it's been a while since that happened. Great water conditions, clarity, warm, calm and just pretty. Kings are firing hard and live bait is plentiful. Even capt Zach managed to float the net a few times (love ya dude). Mixed in the kings were "green rockets," and Capt. Joe managed what looked like a day in May a few times! I swear that horseshoe!

Tampa Bay red tide

By |7.26.2021|

The red tide in Tampa Bay is beginning to diminish with lower levels below 1,000 ppm in several samples. The full moon mangrove snapper bite has been outstanding. Fishing rock piles or channel ledges with live shrimp has been the best for the 14-20" fish.

Dirty Surf

By |7.26.2021|

Went out near Pineda/Satellite beach around high tide this morning around 9am. Pretty calm, slight South wind, but Water clarity was really dirty with lots of straggling sea weed, not the sargassum. Didn't see anything jumping or bait. A lot of catfish caught with a couple whiting though.

Early Morning Topwater Fishing

By |7.23.2021| I had the opportunity this week to take my best bud out fishing. He currently lives in Tennessee so any time he is back home we try to get out on the water. In the past we have exclusively fished live baits but this time I wanted him to [...]

Save Our Lagoon Progress Report

By |7.23.2021|

Check out the latest monthly progress report that outlines which projects have recently been completed and what projects are getting underway this month under Brevard County's Save Our Lagoon Project. In addition, the report lists a number of volunteer opportunities for resident that might be interested in donating a small portion of their time to the restoration and overall long-term heath of our beautiful lagoons.

Fish Reacting to Heat

By |7.21.2021|

This past weeks weather conditions have been extremely hot with highs in the mid 90’s. We have bern getting a little cool down in the afternoon with showers continuing into the evening. The fish are starting to react to the hotter water temps by slowing their bite down by mid morning. We have continued to bring several different species boat side like snook, trout and redfish. Look for the flats and shorelines holding bait early in the morning. Targeting these shorelines with either live or artificial baits will be key to getting those bites.

Shagging Weeds, Good Bite

By |7.19.2021|

We were able to take advantage of clean water on the reefs and put our clients on the fish last week. The kingfish bite was great up until a couple days ago. They are still there, but with the little uptick in wind we experienced the water got dirty and weedy which made fishing for them challenging. We were shagging weeds all day. One nice thing is that there was a really nice increase in dolphin this past week, as well. But again, the last couple of days have been tough, you really have to work for them.

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