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Bull Season is Here!

By |9.16.2020|

Bull season is upon us! Every year around September and October the bull redfish are gathering up to spawn. These are some of the most important months for redfish in the entire lagoon system. These fish are anywhere from 20-40 years old and produce thousands of spawn in a single cycle. Most anglers can find these bull redfish in larger deep canals, sandbar edges, and drop-offs with deep water close by.

Expect Great Action After Cooling Water

By |9.15.2020|

Had another good week of tarpon fishing on the bait pods but with the tropical storms, the seas have been too rough to get out since the weekend. Offshore has been great as well with cobia, snapper, triggerfish and kingfish on the menu. With the winds and seas building, we will be fishing the lagoon for the foreseeable future. This week we should start seeing more bait in the river. The mullet run is getting started and the river should have great action as the water is cooling down due to shorter days and a bit of rain from the tropical storms. Fish the bait pods along the shorelines for Snook, trout and reds and you will also get some flounder and ladyfish and jacks. Should be a great week if you find the bait and can put in the time.

Mahi Sightings & More Offshore

By |9.14.2020|

Apart from some tough weather, there's not too much to complain about this past week! Fishing was really good when we were able to get out. For those of you that just love your mahi mahi mahi mahi, we caught several in the reef areas. No flouro. No weedlines. No islanders. No rips. Just random fish eating steel wire and hooks. Gotta love it! Kings did well, too! We had several days of limiting out with full boats and tight lines all day.

Dodging the Rain

By |9.14.2020|

Well, if you managed to dodge the rain for the last week, you probably had some pretty good fishing. The sharks, snook, kingfish, jacks, redfish and even the tarpon have been very eager to play lately. We’ve been catching the fish on a wide variety of things from live finger mullet to pogies and even on artificial using topwater lures such as the explode mini and subsurface lures like the subwalk. All you have to do is follow the caravan of mullet up or down the beach until you see them getting fed on and with snook season here, you can even take one home with you if you catch one in the slot. I expect the fishing to get even better into the next week as the mullet run continues to grow.

Fall Mullet Run Right on Schedule!

By |9.12.2020|

Surf fishing rigs like pompano and knocker rigs have been on fire this last week. Fishing from the beach with these rigs has delivered a wide variety of species leaving fisherman to ponder what could be next. This event is a direct result of the fall mullet run appearing right on time. Predatory species such as snook, tarpon, jack crevalle and sharks can be caught fishing the tightly packed bait pods moving along the beaches from Port Canaveral to north of Sebastian Inlet.

Amped for the Mullet Migration!

By |9.11.2020|

Fall is arriving quick and so are the mullet! Every fall anglers across the entire coast get amped up for the mullet migration. The mullet run typically consists of a plethora of bait fish and, as most know, the big fish follow the little fish! The mullet run can be incredible and makes a plethora of species available, including Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, snook, tarpon, sharks and much more. It’s an awesome sight to see!

Like Fishing on A Lake

By |9.7.2020|

Another banner week with amazing flat calm seas. Nothing better than fishing on a lake! The reefs were on fire with the slow troll. Kings, Mauis, Cobras and a few blackfins. Bottom fishing has been insane, as well. Big amberjacks were plentiful along with a pile of the porgies and lane snappers. Great eating all around!

Nuggets of Silver

By |9.7.2020|

We talked about it in last week's article and right on schedule the mullet run has started along the Space Coast beaches. Anglers up and down from Playalinda Beach to Melbourne Beach are cashing in on these little nuggets of Silver that are swimming south. Captain Justin has been catching shark, tarpon, king mackerel, bluefish, jacks, snook and a variety of other fish as they feed on these bait pods.

Port Canaveral Offshore Forecast: Sept. 2020

By |9.6.2020|

Well I was totally wrong about the water clarity last month going to garbage. We were gifted a extended Summer even with our first tropical storm activity from Isaias and then from the threat of Hurricane Laura combining with Hurricane Marco our sea conditions remained calm and our water clarity remained pristine. Live pogies did disappear with the first passing storm but slow trolling dead baits produced like it always does when water clarity is good. King mackerel, cobia, mahi, blackfin tuna and sailfish were all common catches.

Disgusting Water and Tarpon

By |9.6.2020|

Unfortunately, the algal bloom has gotten even worse now. You can't even see two inches down, and it has the look of green slime. It also has spread much further now. It made its way north from the Railroad Bridge all the way to the very north end of the river and into most of the Mosquito Lagoon almost all the way to Ponce Inlet. It spread much further south in the Indian River and now is impacting most places almost all the way to Sebastian Inlet.

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