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No Complaints this Week

By |11.29.2020|

Well my rant of a prayer last week seemed to have worked! We were blessed with three full days to fish in some pretty nice weather. Friday through Sunday conditions were perfect and the fishing was great, as well. Maybe great isn't the best term, but all the out-of-towners fishing for the holiday loved it -- and that's ALL that matters.

Weedy Wednesday

By |11.25.2020|

Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Conditions did not look great. The water was dirty and the weeds were very troublesome. The water temperature seemed just slightly cooler than a few days ago. I had sand fleas that were 4 days old but were still in good shape and recalled last year Thanksgiving [...]

Pompano on the Horizon

By |11.23.2020|

This week has been some of the toughest conditions yet with high winds, high surf and weeds in the area. However, if you can get past the catfish, there are a few whiting and pompano to be caught. I even had a few small black drum getting caught this week, as well. On a brighter note, the pompano run has made it to Florida! The schools are still up north in the Jacksonville area, but as the water cools off and cleans up, they will be on the move.

Fairly Consistent Fishing

By |11.23.2020|

The fishing has been fairly consistent the last couple of weeks. In the river and the canals around Satellite Beach they're still catching a lot of mangrove snapper, black drum, redfish and some snook. At Port Canaveral they're catching flounder, redfish, snook and tripletail have been caught off the cans. We should expect the flounder and tripletail bite to only get better in the coming weeks.

To Hell with 2020!

By |11.23.2020|

I am hoping you picked up on my sarcasm in last week's report. The truth is, I don't even know where to start with this. Is the end of the world near? I mean WTF! Please God, we need your help, we are trying to make a living! First Covid, then election fraud and now wind. Not just a breeze every few days but hurricane winds for 2 months straight? Honestly I get it, I do. You're keeping us off the water to let the fish spawn and procreate for us. You're making us spend time with our families, you are teaching us a lesson. I'm good now, really I am. Just had to get that off my chest so thank you for listening LOL.

Inshore Fishing Heating Up

By |11.23.2020|

Inshore fishing has been good this week with pompano starting to show up. There are a lot of jacks and black drum starting to school up, too. The best bet has been using a jig-head tipped with shrimp cast into the mangroves.

Cool Weather and a Hot Trout Bite!

By |11.18.2020|

Spotted seatrout are one of the most popular gamefish in the entire world and definitely a favorite here on the Space Coast. With the cooler temperatures and windy, windy weather, it’s definitely the perfect time to go out and target this species. The entire coast, in every section of the lagoon system, has been very good for trout lately. Anglers can find these fish around spoil islands, channel drop-offs, docks, and mangrove shorelines.

Same Song, Different Week

By |11.16.2020|

I hate to sound like a broken record, but it was another week of inconsistent weather with a lot of wind and some rain. But, it didn’t stop us from getting in some decent fishing days inshore with plenty of trout, some snook and some nice reds. Throw in a bunch of jacks and ladyfish, and it was fun times for all. The inlet was good when the weather allowed the boats to get out there with snook, jacks and redfish all actively eating.

Making Do in the Surf

By |11.16.2020|

The weather and surf wasn't the the greatest lately, however, I did manage to make it out at the end of the week. We are still fighting higher than normal tides and super dirty water. For me, the outgoing tide has been best this week as the water cleaned up some and was not as dark and dirty.

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