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Weedy Waters

By |2.10.2019|

We had a good weather week last week with some tough fishing for the snook and reds due to the cold water and a lot of weeds along the beaches and in the inlet. However, The pompano bite was good and there were plenty of bluefish and some mackerel around. The weeds brought in the triple tail along the beaches and into the lagoon as well.

Port Canaveral Offshore: Slower Week

By |2.9.2019|

I got to see an incredible sight last Wednesday. There were hundreds of bottlenose dolphin offshore they were jumping and playing right by the boat! Fishing was tougher and slower than normal. The water temperature was in the low 60s all the way to well past 100 ft. There were not even threadfins on the buoys. Somewhere around 125 ft we hit blue, 70-73 degree water. There was a lot of life but there were not any pelagic fish excluding baby bonito and a few barracuda.

Treasure Coast Marina Joins the Party!

By |2.9.2019|

Treasure Coast Marina is pleased to join the impressive list of contributors to Spacefish! We will provide the best information available for central and south Brevard County as shared with us from the expert anglers and guides who come to us with their stories. Many of these people are career anglers with decades of experience fishing the Indian River Lagoon, its tributaries and Sebastian Inlet.

Wabasso kayak trip

By |2.8.2019|

So wife and I went to Wabasso for the first time yesterday. She caught a lot of snapper around the docks and one pomp. I just got cat fish and one snapper. We were using live shrimp. When we were done and got back to the launch we find out [...]

Early Spring Shrimp Forecast

By |2.7.2019|

March is wake up month in the world of big shrimping. The run has started in Volusia County albeit 4 weeks late. Brevard is hit and miss, the hot spots are hovering at “Get ready, get set....” but not quite hit the “go.” They are just on the cusp, but all indications are they will have a season as well. Brevard lagged behind Volusia last year, so this is not of any concern. The place to be is Oak Hill the last couple of months, but perhaps March will be the month of consistency for Brevard.

Help! Bank fishing

By |2.6.2019|

I'm from Slidell, La. I travel to KSC to work on another program for a month at a time. I was there from Dec -Feb. 1st, I'm currently home in NOLA and will be back down to KSC Feb 10th thru March 1st. I bring my travel rod n reel, [...]


By |2.6.2019|

Went to Melbourne Beach yesterday , we caught a few whiting, one nice fat black drum and a small black tip. We were using frozen sand flees (yuck) and fish bites. The shark took the fish bites 🤷🏼‍♂️ I had one really strong hit that was definitely something big and [...]

Exciting Week Inshore!

By |2.5.2019|

The past few weeks have been some extremely un-pleasant weather that has kept us off the ocean. With heavy winds from all different directions and cold front after cold front, it has definitely kept things interesting. Subsequently, the inshore bite has been pretty good! The few good weather days have been great sight fishing for large tailing black drum. These fish have been all over the Indian River in large schools tailing on small marine worms, crabs and any other organisms that might be living in the mud. These large drum can be picky at times but often don’t refuse a handpicked live shrimp on a light jig-head. As stealthy approach as possible and a long cast seems to do the trick.

Pompano Surf Fishing Derby

By |2.5.2019|

With surf fishing weather finally making its way around last week, I was able to hook up on a few fish but had to battle out the wind, rain and cold! We should have improving conditions as we move into the early week. Wind starts back up this weekend, then should get good again early next week! Anglers are still catching Pompano, Whiting, Spanish Mackerel, croakers, red fish and Big Black drum from the surf! Most species are being caught on live or blanched sand fleas as well as clam and shrimp! We will continue to catch Pompano off our beaches well into late April.

Okay Fishing, but I was Able to Fish

By |2.4.2019|

This week had okay weather and I managed to find a few fish. I caught a few small reds and trout in the Indian River Lagoon. Most fish were in or near deeper holes. Use live shrimp with light tackle for the best chance. Brown tide is really bad right [...]

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