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Surf Fishing Warming Up!

By |7.8.2019|

The surf fishing is warming up -- literally. It seems like the cold water has moved out and the fish are chewing better now. There are lots of Whiting, Spots, and Heard-Head Croakers around the surf. Seaweed has been a bit of an issue, but if you move around you can find a clean area. Fishbites, shrimp, sandfleas, and clams are the go-to bait for these fish right now. Just toss a pompano rig out there and it should be game on. There are lots of smaller fish around, so dropping your hook size down to something like a #4 wouldn't be a bad idea.

Awesome Reef Fishing

By |7.8.2019|

It's been another awesome week fishing the reefs! Although the weeds are still currently moving in on us, the hot kingfish bite has remained on fire. We're hitting limits every day and every trip. Mixed in with the kings are cudas, bonitos, and jack crevales. Between these species, it's been non-stop action. Frozen cigar minnows are working well for us when we can't find live bunker. Don’t forget to try the cans for greenies with sabiki gear.

Pigging Out

By |7.8.2019|

Trout fish has been on fire this week in the Halifax/IRL. Pigfish have been, by far, the "go to" bait of choice. The tarpon bite has also been really strong in the ICW. Again, live bait such as pigfish and croakers have worked best, but, we have also done just fine using swim baits, as well. If targeting redfish, chunk mullet has been the best bait to use.

Man Overboard Report

By |7.8.2019|

In the lagoon and canals around Satellite Beach we are seeing steady catches of snook, tarpon, trout and mangrove snapper. Live shrimp have been working well but they have been hard to come by which is not unusual for this time of year. Fishing the surf, margates, whiting and snook are the primary catches right now. Both margates and whiting are typically caught using a pompano rig with shrimp or clams. For targeting snook, you best bet is a live croaker or small whiting. Our kayakers are still catching some good kingfish, bonito and tarpon out beyond the waves. If you can find a school of bait try to catch some and fish it around the bait pod. Kingfish is the main offshore species being caught right now. There have been a few dolphin mixed in but not many.

Sebastian Offshore Bite Red Hot

By |7.7.2019|

The offshore bite has been red hot as of late! Kingfish are leading the pack for the past week, they have been stacked up from the beach and any structure all the way out to the 90 foot ledges. Slow trolling a live threadfin or mullet on #5 wire has been the ticket, with the better bites coming early in the morning. There have been a few decent dolphin bites reported trolling out in 500 feet this week as well, but trolling this time of the year can be hit or miss.

Don’t Leave Etiquette At the Boat Ramp

By |7.7.2019|

Jesse and I have been putting in the time fishing the beach for Tarpon, Jacks, Mackerel and Kingfish. Despite the crowds and lack of etiquette from other anglers that continue to run over lines and cut people off with no regard, we still are putting quite a few fish in the air and in the boat. Live bait has worked well but we are also getting decent numbers of Tarpon, Kingfish, Jacks, sharks and Spanish Mackerel on soft plastics.

Tarpon at the Beach

By |7.4.2019|

We were at Melbourne Beach yesterday and the bait fish were everywhere and the Tarpon were right behind them all morning. We caught some Croakers and used them for bait with out any success. Wife caught a nice black drum which we released. We talked to a guy following the tarpon down the beach tossing a plug after them. About a hundred yards past us I see him with something on so I started to walk down his way and his had a huge Tarpon on and he finally gets it to the shore and the line broke off. In all honesty I’d say it had to have been four and a half too five foot. Definitely a fun sight to watch.

Small Fries and Baby Bulls

By |7.3.2019|

Just a quick update this week. I’ve been mostly running between the Pineda Causeway and Mathers Bridge in the Banana River, and from Dragon Pointe to Crane Creek in the Indian River. There's been a lot of bait balls consisting of tiny fry, which I believe to be small anchovies. When these are present, some unknown fish have been tearing them up, but not biting anything that I’ve offered. I’m thinking it might be leatherjackets. Near Crane Creek and Eau Gallie River, when these anchovies are present, the snook and tarpon have been nearby.

Don’t go +25 Miles Offshore

By |7.2.2019|

We got nearshore on Friday out of Port Canaveral and the slow trolling didn’t disappoint. We initially were going to tarpon fish, but the offshore storm seemed too threatening to go +20 miles south where I think they’re at. We tried up by the Tip and it was dead. Green water and zero bait. There was a ridiculous amount of lightning at 7 AM only 10 miles offshore. We were able to sabiki up plenty of threadfins and blue runners. As we were getting bait, the wind picked up to 20kt in association with the storm. We started slow trolling in only 45ft as the waves were building us and the storm was restricting us on where we could fish.

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