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Things are Finally Heating Up!

By |4.17.2019|

It looks like we might finally be done with the cooler temps. As the water temperatures pick up the fishing has done so as well. This week has been really good. Inshore, the bite has been very productive in the Indian River and Mosquito lagoon for large seatrout, black drum, and redfish. I have even started seeing some tarpon and snook, which is expected as the warmer weather pattern continues. In the lagoon, redfish and trout have been up shallow around the mangroves and docks, feeding quite well early on Rapala Skitterwalk topwater plugs. Look for the finger mullet schools and the predators will be close behind. My favorite pattern is holographic silver and chartreuse. These two colors are great low light mullet imitators and work really well.

Where did the Kingfish go?

By |4.16.2019|

Apr 13 2019 - arrived at 8A by 8AM, water was 74 degrees - slow trolled livebait and cigar minnows for about an hour and no action; only 3 other boats (charters) on the reef and we saw no poles bend. Was looking forward to a mess of kingfish, will have to wait until another day. The seas were rough to say the least, so the ride out to the deep was long, but paid off. Water was 77, the drift was swift, and we got action on the flatline before we could get the bottom gear out. Overall things were much more fishy out there. Got our limit of tile and trolled through some weeds on the way in with mahi action about every 10-15 minutes. Another good day in the books!


By |4.16.2019|

Well, this is embarrassing... Late, last Monday night, in a frantic effort to finish the weekly fishing forecast, I misread the Solunar calendar and enthusiastically spread word to the world that the month's peak periods of fish activity were slated for LAST week. They are actually in fact, THIS week. Thankfully, I was able to delete my post before being publicly skewered for it, or worse yet, pelted with lead by the Sebastian Inlet Jetty firing squad.


By |4.15.2019|

This is the time of year when Deep Sea Fishing out of Canaveral can be at its best, and so far, April has been pretty good to us! The shallow reefs are producing great catches of all different species of snappers, trigger fish and sea bass. We've got cobia settling on the reefs and wrecks, huge numbers of kingfish for those who like to reserve a stern spot and float line, and the mahi could be showing up big ANY time now.

Trout Spawn, Silver Kings

By |4.15.2019|

This week has been another good week for trout in the northern Indian River Lagoon. Topwater plugs like the Rapala Skitterwalk and Storm Chug Bug are working from first light until about 8:30am. We are fishing these on the shallow flats near schools of mullet the trout are shadowing. The trout are looking for an opportunity to ambush one of these unsuspecting baitfish.

Thirty Inch Club

By |4.15.2019|

This week has been much of the same in the fisheries around Satellite Beach. The trout bite has remained solid around Mathers Bridge and Dragon Point. We are seeing some real quality fish, too, like the one featured above, caught by Tom who was fishing with his neighbor Dan. It was a new boat record and officially put these guys is the "30 Inch Club." These fellas have been on the fish! There are decent numbers of mangrove snapper and a few redfish mixed in around here, too. Most of these fish have been caught using artificial lures, but a well-placed live shrimp is hard for these fish to resist as well.

Fighting the Wind

By |4.15.2019|

No surprise here, once again we were forced to fight the wind this past week. I was out only two trips. Wednesday’s trip we cut severely short due to extremely gusty winds. The twelve knot southeast wind we had as we left the dock at twilight turned into twenty knot winds and gusting well beyond by eight o’clock. The ride back to the ramp was sporty to be sure!

Ponce/New Smyrna

By |4.15.2019|

The beach fishing has turned on this past week with lots of cobia being caught both free swimming and on manta rays. The redfish have shown up in Ponce Inlet as well as a few scattered tarpon in the Halifax River. In the Mosquito Lagoon, baitfish are everywhere allowing for some great topwater fishing as well as sight fishing for reds.

Hungry Jack

By |4.15.2019|

The Jacks are back and will be a great target this week. The 6-12 pound Jack Crevalle are back in numbers and if you are fishing the beaches and Sebastian Inlet by boat or jetty, you should be able to get into some good action between other target species. Live pinfish and greenies have been the best baits to get them fired up. Along with the jacks, the Bluefish and Redfish are in the inlet. But you will have to get through the jacks to get the others to bite. Snook bite is still a little slow but look forward to them to turn on anytime in the next week or two.

Fishing Is Getting Better

By |4.15.2019|

Fishing has really improved this past week and it looks like this should continue into next week. The jetties are on fire with big snook and reds everywhere. From Grant to Wabasso, slot trout and red fish abound along the west shore docks and any structure you can find. They seem to only interested in live shrimp right now. Heading north from Grant, we hear that there are triple tail around that last island in the chain. There's also some pompano in the mix, and again, live bait is the way to go.

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