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The Bite is Changing Daily, but I haven’t Been Skunked all Week!

By |4.14.2019|

Mahi-mahi have been hit or miss this week. We got one peanut and trolled five hours. Because of how migratory mahi are and the fact that the Gulf Stream flows 4-5mph, the fishing changes daily. Trolling skirts and ballyhoo will catch them if they're around. After an epic kingfish bite on March 25, we tried Pelican Flats again. There were red snapper and a few smoker kings up top, but they were very hard to get past the sandbar and hammerhead sharks.

Sebastian River

By |4.14.2019|

So we went to Sebastian river before the rains came, we didn’t get out early though. On the water about 10:00. We went south out of the park on Roseland rd. Once again I didn’t do to well, a few lady fish. Wife caught two nice Reds, one was really nice about 3-4lbs. I was on my way to get a picture and she had it slip out of her hands 😯.

Smart Phone Apps.?

By |4.12.2019|

Ok, so I just got my first smart phone, and moved back to Melbourne. Pretty stellar week for me! Just wanted to ask if anyone out there had good apps they use? I am tighter than a duck's butt when it comes to spending money, so free is for me [...]

Eau Gallie

By |4.11.2019|

We went out to EGR today, beautiful day to be on the water. I personally didn’t do so hot, four hard heads, one large sailcat that put up a great fight, and a lady fish. The better half was the one catching everything today 🤷🏼‍♂️ She caught snapper, something else I can’t remember, and a nice jack. She got everything on shrimp and I got the cats on shrimp also. I was throwing light and dark paddle tails and only had a couple of short strikes. We didn’t see any Tarpon around.

Searching for Tarpon in the Eau Gallie River

By |4.10.2019|

Last trip in the Eau Gallie River, I saw schools or fun sized jack crevalle and rogue tarpon set off large bait pods near the US1 bridge. I ended up catching a few jacks but no tarpon despite seeing multiple roll near the boat. A nearby local fisherman saw my frustration missing a tarpon and reaffirmed “they are always back in here, and no one ever catches them.” Only having caught one tarpon before, flashbacks of the adrenaline rush motivated me to rise to the challenge.

Mid-April Orlando Area and Mosquito Lagoon Coastal Fishing Report

By |4.10.2019|

Spring is one of my most cherished seasons to fish in Central Florida notwithstanding the windy weather conditions, and thus far the Spring catching has excellent. Over the past few weeks, the fishing has been outstanding in both the freshwater and saltwater arenas with great catches on both.

Sputtering Surf Pompano Run

By |4.8.2019|

I wish I had a good report for you guys looking to do some surf fishing, but it seems as though the Pompano beach run has come to a halt. We may have a few stragglers come out through the inlets and onto the beaches, but most fish are down in Juno or north of NSB. Meanwhile, reports of sea grass, wind, and waves are on tap for the coming week. Anglers on Brevard beaches are primarily catching catfish, whiting, croakers. While there's still an occasional keeper Pompano caught, it's mostly shorts out there. If you are hungry for some fresh caught pompano from the surf, my advice is to take a day cation and head north or south down the coast a ways to find some gold to reel in.

Mojarra Madness

By |4.8.2019|

Between talk with some of our local captains and word from our repeat customers, the fishing has been pretty rock solid in the lagoon from Grant to Sebastian. We sold a boat load of shrimp and pinfish this week, which is a pretty reliable indicator that these baits are producing well. At the Inlet, it's all about the Mojarra. They call these bait fish "snook candy" for good reason, but right now, they are also proving to be a "fin" favorite of the bruiser redfish in and around the Inlet. Come by and stock up on bait, you never know what surprises await you on the water -- for instance, just this week, a cobia was caught INSIDE the Inlet!

Bait Coming Back, Warm Temps, Southern Winds

By |4.8.2019|

Had a great weekend and looking forward to a good week this coming week. Last week Jesse had a great bite in the lagoon using popping corks with live shrimp and Storm 360 Coastal Shrimp around the spoil islands and deeper docks from Grant to Sebastian produced a lot of Trout, Pompano, Jack Crevalle, Bluefish and Ladyfish. Same results with paddle tail baits and 4” jerk baits fishing around the islands, docks and deeper mangrove shorelines. Over the weekend we were able to get off the beach and had good action from Sharks as well as Jacks and a few cobia following the Manta Rays. Inlet has had some snook and reds for anglers using live Mojarra


By |4.8.2019|

The canals around Satellite Beach are holding solid numbers of trout. There are some real quality fish mixed in too. We are also experiencing some redfish and mangrove snapper being caught in good numbers as well. Along the beach, pompano have been hit or miss but there have been some nice whiting and sheepshead caught from the surf. The cobia bite remained strong this weekend nearshore and should probably continue this week.

Wasn’t skunked… at least.

By |4.8.2019|

Went ray chasin' on Saturday... Manta Rays that is. The Manta Rays are on their yearly northern migration up the Florida Atlantic coast and I decided I'd go chase 'em on Saturday. I had to make sure the weather was going to be good enough to take the gheenoe out in the ocean, according to the weather, I'd have till about noon or 1 before the winds picked up.

Offshore Action Warming with Weather

By |4.7.2019|

Out of Port Canaveral, kingfish remain a hot ticket, especially around 8a, which has been smoking hot. We're doing well with bunker and frozen cigar minnows rigged on 3x trebles and wire rigs with stingers attached. Skirts aren't necessary right now. In addition to kings, there's been a good number of blackfin tuna and a few sails also in the mix. When targeting these fish, be sure to keep your troll slow, around 1-1.5 knots.

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