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A Little Bit of “The Land Down Under” in The Sunshine State…

by Alan Ryland

fishing for barramundi

Alan Ryland crosses barramundi off his bucket list with Osceola Outback Adventures, right in Brevard’s backyard.

Barramundi Right in Brevard’s Backyard

For most Anglers, myself included, we all have the “Bucket List” of fish we dream of someday being able to check off species by species. One for me that so far seemed unachievable is a fish known as the Barramundi…or Asian Sea Bass as it is also referred to as. This fish is primarily found throughout South Asia to New Guinea but more commonly associated with the waters of Australia. It is highly sought after by anglers due to it’s hard hitting strikes on lures, acrobatic jumps, and powerful drag screaming speed.

Occasionally in conversations with other anglers I was told of a place located in Central Florida that offered the opportunity to experience fishing for Barramundi. After a little research I was able to find and book a trip to this unique location known as Osceola Outback Adventures. Owned and operated by Byron Hennecy and his Wife Kimberley, who given the opportunity, are two of the nicest people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. So, unless you are able to cover the expense and time to travel to South Asia or Australia they are the only other option in the Northern and Western hemispheres of the World to fish for Barramundi. Even more convenient is they are located a mere 45 minutes from the Orlando Airport which also places them close other popular attractions such as Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc.

barramundi fishing

Alan with their awesome guide for the day, Capt. Jonathan Wilson, of Kissimmee Fishing Charters.

Non-stop Action!

After quite some time of wanting to experience what Osceola Outback Adventures had to offer to Anglers I found the perfect reason to book a trip. So recently, as a college graduation gift to my Son, we planned it out and made it happen. We were greeted at the check-in station by one of their Guides and were at the water within minutes. Within the first couple of casts, the action began…and never stopped.

My first three fish were lost due to thrown hooks, but worth it to see the arial display these fish are capable of. Being an avid fly angler I decided to give it a go. After only a few casts I was once again hooked up. This time, however, the hook stuck. The fish made several incredible jumps and then kicked it into turbo. After quite the battle, I won, and the fish was brought to the net and landed for a couple of quick “Hero Shot” photos and released.

After that I could have easily been content to end the day on that one fish. This was far from what my Son and I experienced for the remainder of our morning. From there on it was non-stop action with fish after fish. We lost count of how many we landed or were lost to pulled or thrown hooks. We quickly realized we were in a Fisher-Person’s paradise, for sure!

Our Guide for the day was Capt. Jonathan Wilson of Kissimmee Fishing Charters, who we once again have to thank for his utmost professionalism, as we pretty much wore him out through the morning with having to run back and forth to my Son and I to assist in landing fish.

barramundi fishing

An awesome graduation trip for Alan and his son!

Take Your Own Outback Adventure!

I won’t or can’t go on to list every fish we hooked or caught as this article would be endless. All I have to say is if you want to add the Barramundi to your list treat yourself to what Osceola Outback Adventures has to offer. Also, not only can you fish for Barramundi on the property they also offer airboat Bass fishing and bow fishing on the also famous Kissimmee Chain of Lakes. As a former airboat owner for many years myself that alone is an incredible experience skimming through the marshes and swamps of Florida and seeing the other wildlife and beauty the state of Florida has to offer. For those wishing to inquire more in to the details or book a trip on their website or check them out on their pages on Facebook and Instagram.

Once again, Byron and Jonathan, thank you for providing an experience and memory my Son and I will never forget!

Tight Lines!