Tilefish Offshore Canaveral

The Ocean Obsession II is offering a really cool opportunity to get in on a special 12 Hour Tile Fish Trip coming up on January 27th (6:00 AM to 6:00 PM) out of Port Canaveral. The cost is $440 for a spot on the boat, which will be running with TEN deep drop rods at a time. The option is available to have up to four people per spot — deep dropping is a team effort, so it’s a good idea to have at least two anglers per spot. The price of $440 includes the electric reel set up to two deep drop rigs, up to 2 weights, bait, breakfast, lunch and dinner. There’s several options to make a reservation on the trip:

  1. Pay $110 per person and we’ll put you in a team of four;
  2. Pay $220 and we will put you in a team of two; or
  3. Pay $440 and come up with your own team of 1-4 people.

There is going to be a learning curve on this trip, so we are being up front about that right now. The game plan is to stagger drops to effectively cover good tile grounds and to eliminate tangles. You will need to be willing to listen to instruction on dropping and retrieving as we dial this in. Our goal is to catch fish and keep everyone with as much fishing time as possible.

We will also high speed troll on the way out and in. We will designate times on the high speed by teams. We will also have spinning rods ready if top water opportunities present themselves. Golden Tile, Blue Line Time & Yellow Edge Grouper will be the main targets, but we will take anything that bites.

We know many will want to supply their own electric reels, however, for our first trip we want to keep line size and weight on the same page. You are more than welcome to supply your own rig.

To reserve your spot or request more information, call Obsession Fishing Charters at (321) 453-3474.

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