Fished 3 Forks one day last week and the lake didn’t treat us very well for some fun. I did have an opportunity to fish the Lagoon with some old clients from my guiding days, though.

The father is now a full fledged Snowbird and has a boat. We had 62 degrees for water temperatures. When the waters get that cold I always look for areas in the river that have a southerly facing shoreline and deeper water nearby. Once the sun gets up and starts to warm up, these areas will be where the fish will move into as the muddy bottom will create warmth. We caught over 40 small trout in one spot and never moved from it. Trout will group up and lay on the bottom as most of them had small lice on their bellies to show it. We bent our barbs down to try to not harm them since we just wanted to have fun and bend the rods.

It was good to get back on the lagoon again, but sadly, all I have to say, as many of us know — the Good ole days probably will never be seen again.