What’s up fishin geeks,

This week I’ve been exploring some older fishing spots seeing what is around. The water clarity has been back to pretty murky in most areas, with clarity still in some wind blown shallow flats. I started off by using both live and cut bait but had no success. Luckly my favorite type of fishing (topwater) has been still been drawing in the fish. I usually fish in the mornings and the bite stays hot from first light to about an hour or so afterwards depending on cloud coverage. Since school has started I’ve only really had time to go fishing in the evenings. The window of opportunity / feeding time seems to be much smaller at night vs morning. I’d say 15 mins before the sun sets until about 15 mins after sunset, it seems like almost every cast. Its been a lot of fun but you only really get one chance to find the fish, doesn’t give you any time to make a run somewhere else if nothing is biting.

I tried a couple of new brands of topwater plugs this time out. One day I fished with the Yozuri Hydro Pencil, which has been so far a pretty awesome bait. It’s a little heavier than your average topwater that size and its tail weighted so it casts pretty far. Also has a softer knocking sound so it works great in calm conditions. That evening I ended up catching a lady fish, had a 3 foot bull shark hit it, a jack, and my first ever bluefish. I have never seen one of those in my area of the river, we are about 30 miles from the inlet so not sure where it came from. The bluefish pulled hard and got airborne a few times as well, I thought it was a snook at first. I will upload the bull shark clip to my instagram but it was pretty dark out during all the catches so I didn’t have enough to make a video from that trip. Still a lot of fun and also what kinda weird kind of Walmart grand slam is that? Shark, ladyfish, jack and a bluefish lol. I’ll take it!

Moving onto this week’s video, I purchased a few topwater lures from the bargain bin on the bottom shelf of the fishing aisle at Walmart. Most of them cost 3 dollars or less, so I decided to give the first one a try. The lure is a Mirrolure chartreuse over glow, 4-3/4 inch, 3/4oz, that had a decent set of hooks on it. Like most of the bigger Mirrolure topwaters I find that it produces almost too loud of knocking sound, but it was windy and ended up working great. Same pattern in the evening as before, those 30 mins around sunset, it was almost every cast I was getting monster blow ups from 20inch Jacks. They honestly fought like 30 inch redfish and were an absolute blast, I think I boated 5 total, and probably could have caught 5 more if I was paying attention more lol. Anyways check out the video and I’ll be back with hopefully more topwater action.