custom fly

It was a slow, hot and struggling three days on the water last week. First day we made it out at 3 Forks only to leave in the first hour back to the ramp due to lightning. We hit it again on Wednesday with expectations of bending a rod but that didn’t work. When the SJM people move waters around sometimes you can smell the churned up water on this watershed. This was the case. We moved around to other spots and the morning’s bite consisted of a bluegill and one bass.

Our next outing was on the lagoon to see if we could duplicate the frenzy we had like the week prior. Our first spot we hit was still in the dark. We could hardly make out where the water was up next to the mangroves. There was plenty of bait activity but no predator to be caught on a very low New Moon tide. The only thing chewing were the marsh mosquitoes and no-see-ums, who fed very well on anything they could get their teeth into. We finally had enough of that and moved out to deeper waters searching for something to eat our lures. This was a bust as well. I’m hoping this week will be better but it sure beats working like years before.