It’s been a very busy and active week here at Treasure Coast Marina. Fishing has really picked up and we are glad to hear of good catches. There’s been an unusually abundant number of pompano in the river and there’s whispers of triple tail down toward the inlet but nobody will be specific as to where!

We thought flounder bite was about over for this winter but a few chilly nights got things going again. Mud Minnows remain the bait of choice for these flatties.

Our “boys” have been hitting the jetties a lot and big shrimp seem to be doing the trick for some big snook and reds.

Another of our regulars got into some trout over on the east side of the river and it was a “fest” of nonstop catches for about a half-hour. So, all in all, anglers seem to be having pretty great luck. I haven’t heard much offshore chatter this week. I think weather was a factor. But quite a few have plans to go this week if possible. So hopefully there will be more news on that front next week!